With God ALL things are Possible

With God ALL things are Possible

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St. Mark 9: 23 (KJV)
23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

The outside boundary line of the province of faith, properly so called, is promises. Faith is laying hold of what God has covenanted Himself to us, what God is to His people. The promises are what God is to His Church, therefore faith confines itself to promises. The other side of promises you may go over the boundary, you may hope, you may modestly and conditionally ask, you may expect, you may have, but you cannot carry faith, in its highest signification, into the high region beyond the promises.
It is said, Faith is a faculty we already have, we must not wait for it, e.g. the Philippine jailor. “Believe,” said Paul to him, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ;” that is, “Use the faith you have to lay hold of Christ.” The complaint is often made, “I cannot believe.” But do people always recognize and use the faculty they have? Remember the mind and heart with which we do our business, is the very same with which we must also do our spiritual work. We must employ prayerfully, then, faculties we now possess.’
The text does not say “All things are given to him that believeth,” but “All things are possible to him that believeth.” It may happen, for various causes, that a man may not, at a certain period, receive even what he believes and seeks. God may have some wise, secret reason for not giving it at that time. The man himself, though, he has the faith, may yet have to learn how to use and express his faith better. There is no promise respecting the time, or the way; there is the promise, but not the how or the when. All that is asserted is this, that when a man has the faith of a mercy, he has then the possibility of that mercy. Then, all barriers have been removed, and he may have that mercy at any time, and be sure to have that mercy some time.
This was an answer to the inquiry above. I can furnish a sufficiency of power, if thou canst but bring faith to receive it. Why are not our souls completely healed? Why is not every demon cast out? Why are not pride, self-will, love of the world, lust, anger, peevishness, with all the other bad tempers and dispositions which constitute the mind of Satan, entirely destroyed? Alas! it is because we do not believe; Jesus is able; more, Jesus is willing; but we are not willing to give up our idols; we give not credence to his word; therefore hath sin a being in us, and dominion over us.
It is as if Jesus had said, “Look, any man who has faith will not set any limit on what the Lord is able to do. Let us take confidence in and remember that Christ undoubtedly intended to teach that the fullness of all blessings has been given to us by the Father, and that every kind of assistance must be expected from him alone in the same manner as we expect it from the hand of God. “Only exercise,” says he, “a firm belief, and you will obtain.” In what manner faith obtains any thing for us we shall immediately see. Do you have a mountain or obstacle that that needs moving? A problem or issue that needs solving? Christ reminds us to have faith in Him that He can do above and beyond all that we can ask or think. Let us have and put our faith only in God.

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