Willful Rebellion

Willful Rebellion

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Ps.81: 11-2 (KJV)

11But my people would not hearken to my voice; and Israel would none of me. 12 So I gave them up unto their own hearts’ lust: and they walked in their own counsels


Here begins the second part of the psalm, which is abjuratory, and very suitable to the season of the year at that feast, that if it were a fruitful year the Israelites might see and acknowledge God’s goodness therein; as, if otherwise, they might accuse themselves, and not the Lord.


“Were not inclined to me; had not a willing mind toward me. How affecting to trace the earnest workings of the divine Mind in his testimony concerning and against (for the Hebrew word may signify either) Israel.


God now commented (lamented) that the Israelites, whom He so endeavored gently to allure to Him, despised His friendly invitation. And although He had for a long time continued to exhort them, they always shut their ears against His voice. It is not a rebellion of one day which He deplores, He complains, that from the very beginning they were always a stiff-necked and hardened people, and that they continued to persevere in the same obstinacy.


Friends let me say that it is assuredly monstrous perverseness to exclude God from obtaining access to us, and to refuse to give Him a hearing, when He is ready to enter into covenant with us, making the terms almost equal on both sides. However, to leave them no room for extenuating their guilt under the pretense of ignorance, He adds, that he was rejected with avowed and deliberate contempt: Israel would none of me. From this it is evident, that their minds were bewitched by the god of this world.

This is the reason why, as is stated in the following verse, he gave them up to the hardness of their own heart, or, as others translate it, to the thoughts of their own heart.


The words, however may be viewed in a more extensive sense, as implying that the patience of God being worn out, he left his people, who, by their desperate perverseness, had cut off all hope of their ever becoming better, to act without restraint as they chose. At the present day, this distinction, has been abolished, and the message of the gospel, by which God reconciles the world to Himself, is common to all men has been ignored and rejected by those who claim to know Him. Yet, we see how God stirs up godly teachers in one place rather than in another. This passage also teaches us, that there is no plague more deadly than for men to be left to the guidance of their own counsels, the only thing which remains for us to do is to renounce the dictates of carnal wisdom, and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Are WE like the Israelites guilty of willful rebellion against God? Are we guilty of trusting man’s wisdom, wit and resources rather than God? May God help us to trust Him and make Him our ONLY God. 


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