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Who are YOU Serving

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Dan.3: 16 (KJV)

16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.


It has been said that, “True religion is the determined purpose to do right, and not to do wrong, whatever may be the consequences in either case.”


The word rendered “careful” means, “to be needed” or “necessary;” then, “to have need.” The Vulgate renders it, – it does not behove us; it is not needful for us. And the Greek, we have no need. The meaning therefore is, that it was not “necessary” that they should reply to the king on that point; they would not give themselves trouble or solicitude to do it. On essence they were saying, “We have no need to put thee to any farther trouble; we have made up our minds on this subject and have our answer ready: Be it known unto thee, We Will Not Serve Thy Gods. This was as honest as it was decisive.”


We see that they appear to have answered promptly, and without hesitation, showing that they had carefully considered the subject, and that with them it was a matter of settled and intelligent principle. But they did it in a respectful manner, though they were firm. They had made up their minds, and, whatever was the result, they could not worship the image which he had set up, or the gods whom he adored. They felt that there was no necessity for stating the reasons why they could not do this. Perhaps they thought that argument in their case was improper. It became them to do their duty, and to leave the event with God. They had no need to go into an extended vindication of their conduct, for it might be presumed that their principles of conduct were well known. They neither reviled the monarch nor his gods. They used no reproachful words respecting the image which he had set up, or any of the idols which he worshipped. Nor did they complain of his injustice or severity. They calmly looked at their own duty, and resolved to do it, leaving the consequences with the God whom they worshipped.


In this history it; is necessary to observe with what unbroken spirit these three holy men persisted in the fear of God, though they knew they were in danger of instant death. When, therefore, this kind of death was placed straight before their eyes, they did not turn aside from the straightforward course, but treated God’s glory of greater value than their own life. We do not care, we do not enter into the consideration of what is expedient or useful, no such thing! for we ought to settle it with ourselves never to be induced by any reason to withdraw from the sincere worship of God. They served the God of heaven, and only the God of heaven, and if the only alternative to worshiping other gods was to be thrown into a burning fiery furnace, then so be it. And they would trust their God to do what was right. There was no attitude of rebellion. It was a religious question, and therefore they had no alternative. In their words comes out that incisiveness of thought and statement that had so impressed Nebuchadnezzar when he had first met them (Daniel 1:20). In the face of the most dreadful danger, history has nothing that surpasses this defiant reply. In effect, they said, “Yes, our God is able to deliver us, but even if he does not deliver us, we will not disobey our God. We will not serve your gods nor worship your golden image.” Do you have that incisiveness and resolved? Do you unwaveringly serve the God of heaven?


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