Truth at Christmas

Truth at Christmas

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St. John 14: 6(KJV)

6Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.



Truth lies between way and life, as if the way to life were through truth (Leigh)


Another of the great “I am’s” of John, this is one of the profoundest teachings ever uttered. It presents Jesus as the unique means of access to God. In distinction from what is symbolic. He is the fulfiller and realizer of all prophetic hints. Therefore, He is said to be the True Light, the True Bread, the True Tabernacle. The source of truth, or he who originates and communicates truth for the salvation of men. Truth is a representation of things as they are. The life, the purity, and the teaching of Jesus Christ was the most complete and perfect representation of the things of the eternal world that has been or can be presented to man. The ceremonies of the Jews were shadows; the life of Jesus was the truth. The opinions of men are fancy, but the doctrines of Jesus were nothing more than a representation of facts as they exist in the government of God. It is implied in this, also, that Jesus was the fountain of all truth; that by His inspiration the prophets spoke, and that by Him all truth is communicated.


By truth, in this passage, we are not to understand abstract or general doctrine. Systematized truth may serve most important purposes; but it is not to such that our Lord refers. Truth is defined by philosophers as the agreement of our ideas with things. If we know God as He really is, then have we truth in religion. But how can we know God as He really is? Do we not feel as if He were at an infinite distance, as if we could no more rise to Him with our spirits than our frail bodies could mount from earth to heaven? Who will give us wings that we may ascend to Him? The attraction of earth is too powerful to admit of our rising to Him. The approach must be on His part. Plato was obliged to say: “The Father of the world is hard to discover, and when discovered cannot be communicated.” But when we go on by Christ as the Way, He introduces us to the Father, and we have the truth. God is no longer at a distance; “Emmanuel, God with us.” Aristotle has said that the mind as it came from its Maker is organized for truth, as the eye is to perceive light and the ear to hear sounds. He who has found Christ knows that he has found the truth. With the truth there is assurance; the eye has found the light and the ear is listening to the sound. This, this is the reality of things.


This then is the Truth that teaches the knowledge of God, The way, in which we walk by charity; the truth, to which we cling by faith; the life, to which we aspire by hope. The life in His example, the truth in His promise, the life in His reward. our Lord is the answer to man’s ignorance. Human wisdom is foolishness with God (1 Corinthians 1:20); and only a little reflection will reveal that God is right. Apart from God, man is ignorant of his origin, destiny, and the meaning of life. He cannot see one split-second into the future.


Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C