Truth about Christmas

Truth about Christmas

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Colossians 1: 21 (KJV)
21 And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled.

The apostle has dwelt at length on the dignity and majesty of Jesus, but without hesitation he speaks here of His incarnate state, for in Him there was a union of extremes, of God and man-of earth and heaven. Indeed, the incarnation, rightly understood, enhances the Redeemer’s greatness. The spiritually sublime is truly seen in His condescension and death.

It is important to note, all men are alienated from God, and by the same token are enemies in their minds to Him, which they show by their wicked works; but this is spoken particularly of the Gentiles. The word which we render to alienate; to give to another, to estrange, expresses the state of the Gentiles. While the Jews were, at least by profession, dedicated to God, the Gentiles were alienated, that is, given up to others; they worshipped not the true God, but had gods many and lords many, to whom they dedicated themselves, their religious service, and their property. Therefore, the Gentiles had alienated themselves from God, and were alienated or rejected by him, because of their wickedness and idolatry.

They had the carnal mind, which is enmity against God. Moreover, we see that the alienation of the mind showed itself by wicked works, or we can say this was expressed in their outward conduct by wicked works. those works were the public evidence of the alienation; Romans 5:10; Ephesians 2:1-2. The mind is taken here for all the soul, heart, affections, passions, etc. However, harmony has been secured between you and God, and you are brought to friendship and love. Such a change has been produced in you as to bring your minds into friendship with that of God. All the change in producing this is on the part of man, for God cannot change, and there is no reason why he should, if he could. In the work of reconciliation man lays aside his hostility to his Maker, and thus becomes his friend; 2 Corinthians 5:18.

Sin doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Evil deeds happen when we have a wrong or bad attitude. Sin is proof that something is astray in our hearts. We can’t simply say, “I don’t know what came over me”. And neither can we excuse the habitual sins of others by saying, “But they really do have a good heart.” Everyone can have a good heart, but as long as one remains in sin, they are demonstrating that a good heart is something they lack. Our own deeds do say something very insightful and honest about us (Ephesians 5:5-6; Titus 1:16 “. but by their deeds they deny Him.” It was even God’s will that the sacrifice of Christ would reconcile former sinners, men and women who had been hostile to God in the past (Romans 5:6-8).

The way and means by which Christ effected this work of reconciliation for them and us, namely, by taking upon Him a true body, subject to fleshly infirmities, though without sin; and in that body suffering death for us, that we might be presented at the last day, perfectly holy unto God. In order to our reconciliation with God, it pleased Christ, the second Person in the ever-glorious Trinity, to assume a body of flesh, that He might be of the same nature with us, and in that body of flesh to die for sin; that the same nature which had sinned, might give satisfaction for sin. And further, to make us completely happy, He has not only taken away the legal enmity on God’s part, but the natural enmity on our part; for he sanctifies those whom he reconciles initially in this life, but perfectly and completely in the next, and where and when they shall be presented holy, unblameable, and unreproveable, to His heavenly Father. This is the truth about Christmas, the reason Christ came which is to reconcile us to God.

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Pastor C

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