Trusting in a Sovereign God

Trusting in a Sovereign God

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Isaiah 46: 9(KJV)

9 Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me.



This was a reminder to the Israelites to bear in mind the repeated and constant proofs that have been given that Yahweh is the true God – the proofs derived from the prediction of future events, and from the frequent inter positions of his providence in your behalf as a nation. The things that were from the beginning, or the ancient things done by the Lord, whether as the effects of power, wisdom, and goodness, or in wrath, or in mercy; such as the creation of the heavens, and the earth, and all things in them; the destruction of the old world, and of Sodom and Gomorrah; the bringing of Israel out of Egypt through the Red sea and wilderness, to Canaan’s land, and all the wondrous things then done for them; which are so many proofs of the true deity of the God of Israel, in opposition to the idols of the Gentiles


This is an explanation of the preceding statement; for he expresses more fully what he formerly meant, that is, that God hath testified of himself by sufficiently numerous proofs, and hath shewed what is his nature and greatness; and that not merely for two or three days, or for a few years, but at all times; for he had continued his benefits, and had incessantly bestowed his grace upon them. Hence, he infers that the manifestations of his divinity, being so clear, ought to prevent them from giving their hearts to another.


This point being made again over against the danger of idolatrous practices, God wishes not only that He may be acknowledged, but that He alone may be acknowledged; and therefore, He wishes to be separated from all the gods which men have made for themselves, that we may fix our whole attention on him; because, if He admitted any companion, His throne would fall or shake; for either there is one God or there is none at all. 


Let us be mindful of our own idolatrous practices; practices that does not honor God or show our allegiance to Him. Practices that put man and things above God. Let us learn from this that God is still on the Throne. He is still sovereign and that will never change. He orders the affairs of man. He exalts and He can and will bring low. There is no one like our God. He alone is to be worship!



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