Trusting God’s Sufficiency

Trusting God’s Sufficiency

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2 Corinthians 9: 8 (KJV)

8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:


 It has been noted that men are afraid they shall want themselves, what they give away to others. No, says the apostle, God is able to make all grace and mercy shown by you to abound the more towards you, that you, having a sufficiency of the comforts of this life, may abound in every good work of charity towards others.


However, as being commented on, we can conclude that the meaning of the phrase “all grace” does not mean the love and favor of God, the source of all blessings enjoyed in time and eternity; nor the blessings of grace, the fruits of it; nor the Gospel which reveals them; nor the various graces of the Spirit implanted in regeneration; nor gifts of grace, fitting men for ministerial service; all which God is able to make to abound, and does, when he gives enlarged discoveries of his love, makes fresh applications of covenant grace, leads more fully into the knowledge of his Gospel, carries on the work of his grace in the soul, and calls forth grace into act and exercise, and increases gifts bestowed; nor even merely temporal blessings of every sort, which men are unworthy of, are all the gifts of his goodness, and are given to his people in a covenant way; and which he can, and often does increase: but by it is meant all that goodness, beneficence, and liberality exercised towards the poor members of Christ; God is able, and he will, and it ought to be believed that he will, cause to return with an increase, all that which is expended in relieving the necessities of the saints.


The word translated ‘sufficiency’ properly means self-sufficiency, and is one of those which show Paul’s acquaintance with Stoicism, and the influence of its vocabulary upon his own. It expressed the Stoic conception of the wise man as being sufficient in himself, wanting nothing and possessing everything. Here, not in the sense of sufficiency of worldly goods, but of that moral quality, bound up with self-consecration and faith, which renders the new self in Christ independent of external circumstances.


How remarkable are these words! Each is loaded with matter and increases all the way it goes. God gives us everything, that we may do good therewith, and so receive more blessings. All things in this life, even rewards, are, to the faithful, seeds in order to a future harvest.


Let us not suppose that by giving liberally we will be impoverished and reduced to want. We should rather confide in God, who is able to furnish our abundantly with what is needful for the supply of our necessities. How comforting it is to know that God equips us with everything (even with our limitations and shortcomings) we need and more in order to do the work He has called us to do!


Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C