True Happiness

True Happiness

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Proverbs 16: 20 (KJV)

20 He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.


This proverb builds on the ground that all men desire happiness. Philosophers, in all ages of the world, have been trying to find out and teach what is man’s greatest good; and people generally, from the days of David, have been asking, “Who will show us any good?” The Stoics gave one answer, the Epicureans another, as to man’s chief good. There are those who now ask, “Is life worth living?” agree with neither. It is doubtless the case that the devotee of wealth, of fame, of power, or social eminence finds, whenever he is successful in his efforts, that neither wealth nor fame, neither power nor eminence in social position, gives the happiness which he sought therein.


Whoever trusts God is no longer hostile to Him. The enmity of the heart against the Most High and the Most Holy One ceases. Accepted in the Beloved, he has peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. This gives the faithful happiness. It was no shallow source of joy for the brothers of Joseph (when their sin had found them out) to be made sure that there was peace between the ruler of Egypt and themselves; and it is not a small boon for any man, conscious of his sin, to know that there is reconciliation and peace between himself and his Omnipotent Maker and righteous Judge, through the mediation and redemption of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The results of thousands of years of experiments and of experience, before and since Solomon’s day, are set forth in the words of the proverb which is my text, “Whose trusteth in the Lord, happy is he. These clauses are parallel. The man that heeds the Word of God is exactly the same man that trusts in Jehovah. A man can do neither without doing both. “There can be no real blessedness in life without one’s trusting in the Lord. Men are so constituted that if their souls are to find rest, they must trust the loving power and wisdom of that Being who is stronger and wiser than themselves. Wisdom is man’s true path–that which enables him to accomplish best the end of his being, and which, therefore, gives to him the richest enjoyment and the fullest play for all his powers. Give man wisdom, in the true sense of the term, and he rises to all the dignity that manhood can possibly know. But where shall this wisdom be found? He that trusts in the Lord has found out the way to handle matters wisely, and he is very happy not to his own wisdom; nor in his own strength; nor in his riches, nor righteousness; nor in the favor of men, no, not of princes; but in the Lord, and in his Word.


Have a great and God filled day!


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