To Live is Christ

To Live is Christ

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Phil.1: 21—KJV
21For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain

Life in Christ comprehends all true life–science, air, beauty, music, all that adorns the saint, strengthens the worker, sustains the sufferer. All life rooted in Christ will bear all manner of fruits and be beautiful with all the hues of heaven. Into what base are our life roots struck—J. Parker

It has also been observed that which a man loves supremely is that for which he lives–money, fame, pleasure, etc. The lofty altitude of moral nature to which we have to aspire is to find in Christ our only reason for living. Apart from this, the yearning aspirations and voids of humanity can never be satisfied.

There existed a purpose to imitate Christ or to make Him the model of his life. It was a design that His Spirit should reign in his heart, that the same temper should actuate him, and that the same great end should be constantly had in view. In essence, Paul was saying, Christ was his life “efficiently”, the efficient cause and author of his spiritual life; he spoke it into him, produced it in him, and disciplined him with it: and he was his life, objectively, the matter and object of his life, that on which he lived; yea, it was not so much he that lived, as Christ that lived in him; he lived by faith on Christ, and his spiritual life was maintained and supported by feeding on him as the bread of life: and he was his life, “finally”, the end of his life; what he aimed at throughout the whole course of his life was the glory of Christ, the good of his church and people, the spread of his Gospel, the honor of his name, and the increase of his interest; and this last seems to be the true sense of the phrase here. There is no other name but Christ’s which has life in it. There is no life in the world’s wealth, learning, honor, love. If they do not destroy, they afford no protection or sustenance. To be Christless is to be lifeless.

C. H. Spurgeon noted, We must be careful to remember that what is needed in the service of Christ is the same unity of purpose which has ruled all men who have won the object for which they lived. He who makes God’s glory the one only aim before which all other things bow themselves, is the man to bring honor to his Lord.

As Calvin pointed out, “assuredly it is Christ alone that makes us happy both in death and in life; otherwise, if death is miserable, life is in no degree happier; so that it is difficult to determine whether it is more advantageous to live or to die out of Christ. On the other hand, let Christ be with us, and he will bless our life as well as our death, so that both will be happy and desirable for us.”

Is power, popularity, pleasure, prominence, place in society, etc, your drive or purpose in this life? For to you to live is what? Let it be Christ.

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