The Measure of a True Christian–Love for One Another

The Measure of a True Christian–Love for One Another

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2 Thessalonians 3: 12(KJV)

12 And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you:

It is noted that Love is precious because it comes from the real man.It wells from the very depths of his nature. It is not always so with other graces which are capable of being counterfeited. Many a gift which another possesses may dazzle us with its brilliancy and almost excite our envy, but may after all be exercised from the most worthless.

Paul was a man of prayer. He began, continued, and ended his Christian life with it. Hence this prayer for the Thessalonians, that they may increase and abound in saintly excellence, especially in one which is the crown of all. He perseveres in prayer, on the behalf of his beloved Thessalonians; and the particular mercy he prays for, is, their abundant increase in the grace and duty of love, first amongst themselves and their fellow-brethren in Christ, all Christians far and near; next towards all men,heathens and infidels, their bitter and bloody persecutors not excepted.

From this we learn in what the perfection of the Christian life consists; in love and pure holiness of heart, flowing from faith. He recommends love mutually cherished towards each other, and afterwards towards all, for as it is befitting that a commencement should be made with those that are of the household of faith, (Gal.6:10) so our love ought to go forth to the whole human race. Farther, as the nearer connection must be cherished, so we must not overlook those who are farther removed from us, so as to prevent them from holding their proper place.

The expression ‘Increase and abound’ is important. These two words denote an increasing and overflowing abundance. This is another thing he prays for; the former respected himself, this respected them. He desired to come to them to perfect that which was lacking in their faith, and he prays now for the abounding and increase of their love; not only to love one another, but to increase and abound in it; to increase the habit sand abound in the fruits of love. They were under sore persecutions, and their love to one another was more necessary at such a time. And not only to one another, but to extend their love towards all men. Either all men in general; for love is a general duty we owe to all men: Owe no man anything but to love one another, Romans 13:8; and therefore, all our duty to men is comprehended under it. And the apostle requires this love to be added to brotherly kindness, 2 Peter 1:7; yea, love is required to enemies, Matthew 5:44, though not as enemies, yet as men. Or more particularly, believers; as sometimes all men are taken under that restriction, Titus 2:11.

The true property of Christian love; it is, 1. A brotherly affection, which every true Christian chiefly bear to all his fellow-members in Christ, for grace sake; 2. A gracious propensity of heart, which a Christian bear for God’s sake to all mankind, whereby he wills, and to his power procures, all good for them.

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