The Heart Revealed

The Heart Revealed

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Ps.78: 37 (KJV)

37For their heart was not right with him, neither were they stedfast in his covenant.


 The psalmist observes the late rebukes of Providence that the people of Israel had been under, which they had brought upon themselves by their dealing treacherously with God, v. 9-11. As was pointed out, it was still the old heart, without any sincere change, and that can never hold out the hardships of holiness, but will deviate and falsify; the rack may make it roar, the rod flutter, but all is in hypocrisy. A hypocrite would cozen God of heaven if he could tell how.


It is noted that “When the heart is wrong, the life is wrong; and because their heart was not right with God, therefore they were not faithful in his covenant.”


Also, we have heard  the expression, “Variable as the hues of the dolphin, they changed from reverence to rebellion, from thankfulness to murmuring. One day they gave their gold to build a tabernacle for Jehovah, and the next they plucked off their earrings to make a golden calf. Surely the heart is a chameleon. Proteus had not so many changes. As in the ague we both burn and freeze, so do inconstant natures in their religion.”


Luther renders this, “Not fast with him.” The Hebrew word means “to fit, to prepare;” and the idea is, that the heart was not “adjusted” to such a profession, or did not “accord” with such a promise or pledge. It was a mere profession made by the lips, while the heart remained unaffected


All their confessions and petitions were but hypocritical and forced, and did not proceed from an upright heart truly grieved for their former offences, and firmly resolved to turn unto the Lord. They discovered their hypocrisy by their apostasy from God as soon as their danger was past. It was as if they thought by fair speeches to prevail with him to revoke the sentence and remove the judgment, with a secret intention to break their word when the danger was over; they did not return to God with their whole heart, but feignedly, Jeremiah 3: 10. All their professions, prayers, and promises, were extorted by the rack. It was plain that they did not mean as they said, for they did not adhere to it. They thawed in the sun, but froze in the shade. They did but lie to God with their tongues, for their heart was not with him, was not right with him, as appeared by the issue, for they were not steadfast in his covenant. They were not sincere in their reformation, for they were not constant; and, by thinking thus to impose upon a heart-searching God, they really put as great an affront upon him as by any of their reflections.


Their promises were no sooner made than broken, as if only made in mockery. Good resolutions called at their hearts as men do at inns; they tarried awhile, and then took their leave. They were hot today for holiness, but cold towards it tomorrow.


Let us be reminded that it is the worship of the heart alone which God values; If the heart is not “right with God,” our worship is an offence to him.


Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C

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