Standing Fast

Standing Fast

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John 6: 66 (KJV)
66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

It is a dreadful and monstrous thing, that so kind and gracious an invitation of Christ could have alienated the minds of many, and especially of those who had formerly professed to belong to him, and were even seen as His ordinary disciples. But this example is held out to us for a mirror, as it were, in which we may perceive how great is the wickedness and ingratitude of men, who turn a plain road into an occasion of stumbling to them, that they may not come to Christ.

It has been noted this sermon was in all its different branches so offensive to the Jews, that many of them who until now had been our Lord’s disciples, finding by the general strain of it, that their ambitious carnal views were to be utterly disappointed, went out of the synagogue in disgust, and never came to hear our Lord again. Many may be expected to be offended by the doctrines of the gospel. Having no spirituality of mind, and really understanding nothing of the gospel, they may be expected to take offence and turn back. The best way to understand the doctrines of the Bible is to be a sincere Christian, and aim to do the will of God, John 7:17. They stumbled at the word and fell backward. This is reckoned by Peter a note of a reprobate, 1 Peter 2:8.

When truth is revealed to us, there are only two possible reactions to it: It can be received, or it can be rejected. People receive the truth when they see it for what it is: Truth! People reject the truth for many reasons. And as was in the days of Christ, the same mentality has developed within the church! There are many today who want a religious experience, but without and expectations. They want to serve God for what they can get out it, without any concern for His glory or His will. They want entertainment and excitement without the commitment that comes along with the proclamation of the truth. May that not be true of you and me!

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Pastor C