Stand Fast

Stand Fast

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Philippians 4: 1 (KJV)
1Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved.

Here we find that after the pattern of those worthy of imitation as was laid out earlier. The expression or exhortation “So stand fast in the Lord.” is noteworthy. The apostle having pointed out the dignity of Christian citizenship and the exalted conduct befitting those possessing its privileges, he now exhorts them to steadfastness in imitating those who, through evil and good report and in the midst of opposition and suffering, had bravely maintained their loyalty to Christ. “So stand fast”; be sincere and earnest in devotion to God, as they were: be faithful and unflinching, as they were; triumph over the world, the flesh, and the devil, as they did. “Behold, we count them worthy who endure;” and the same distinction of character is attainable by every follower of Christ, attainable by patient continuance in well-doing. The ideal of a steadfast character is embodied in the Lord, who was Himself a supreme example of unfaltering obedience and love. We are told to follow Him; being united to Him by faith, deriving continual inspiration and strength from His Spirit, stand fast in Him. It said that while riding up to a regiment that was hard pressed at Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington cried to the men, “Stand fast, Ninety-fifth! What will they say in England?” History records how successfully the appeal was obeyed. Stand fast, Christians! What will they say in the heavenly city to which you belong, and for whose interests you are fighting? William of Orange said he learnt a word while crossing the English Channel which he would never forget. When in a great storm the captain was all night crying out to the man at the helm, “Steady! steady! steady!

We cannot help being a little surprised at this; for, as Boice said, “If we were writing the passage and were using Paul’s image, we should likely speak of invasion, marching or conquest. Paul does not do that, but speaks correctly of standing!” It has been pointed out that Christ conquers new territory; his followers stand firm in holding what Christ gains. This is not the only possible analogy of Christian evangelism, but it is surely one. Perhaps, in the personal sector, this is the most important analogy; because the great challenge for the Christian is not that of overcoming someone else with a knowledge of the truth but with himself standing faithfully for the Lord until life’s end.

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