Speak the Truth in Love

Speak the Truth in Love

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Ephesian 4: 15 (KJV)

15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.



It is said, “No aim or object, however important, can justify the transgression of the law which demands perfect love. If it be right to be bitter and unloving in speaking the truth, it would be right to steal or to kill for the truth’s sake.”


The truth here recommended by the apostle is the whole system of Gospel doctrine. This they are to teach and preach, and this is opposed to the deceit mentioned in the previous verses. This truth, as it is the doctrine of God’s eternal love to mankind, must be preached in love. The scolding and abuse from the pulpit or press, in matters of religion, are truly monstrous and in most cases disastrous. The one who has the truth of God has no need of any means to defend or propagate it, but those which love to God and man provides.


Therefore, truth is “to be spoken” – the simple, unvarnished truth. In doing it this way, we would avoid error, and this is the way to preserve others from error. In opposition to all trick, and art, and cunning, and fraud, and deception, Christians are to speak the simple truth, and nothing but the truth. Every statement which they make should be unvarnished truth; every promise which they make should be true; every representation which they make of the sentiments of others should he simple truth. “Truth is the representation of things as they are;” and there is no virtue that is more valuable in a Christian than the love of simple truth.


So, in essence, Christian truth is revealed as a means of bringing us back to love and God. The apostasy of man is a wandering from love. The moral restoration of man is restoration to perfect love. And Christian truth is revealed as a means of restoring us to love. Christian truth is best illustrated and enforced by the voice, and by the countenance, and by the hands of love. Schism is promoted if the truth is not spoken in love. We are servants of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in speaking the truth, only so far as we speak in love. Failing here, we are the servants of some sinful lust or passion. We wear the livery of truth as our professed Master, and do the work in that livery of another master, who is opposed to him whom we profess to serve. We admit that it is very difficult in some circumstances to speak in love. The anger which is aroused by contradiction, the fear of being worsted which is called into play by opposition, the desire for a creditable share of personal strength, which is awakened, with its attendant pride and vanity, unite to render it difficult. But a true and loyal Christian is not a man to put aside a duty because it is difficult. It was a difficult matter to him to repent, but he has repented; difficult to believe, but he has believed. He is the child of a Father who only doeth wondrous things.


The test of Christian truthfulness is to be found in its power to assert itself as the rule of our life in spite of the sins that disturb even Christian fellowship.


Have a great and God filled!


Pastor C


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