Set Apart Unto God

Set Apart Unto God

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Psalm 4: 3 (KJV)

3 But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the Lord will hear when I call unto him.


“The greatest of all blessings is that of belonging to that special group of human beings whom God has set apart from all mankind as his very own people. God will nurture and encourage his children; he will hear them when they pray; he will forgive their sins and mistakes, provided only that they repent, acknowledge their lapses and seek the Father’s loving forgiveness.”


“Him that is godly for Himself” – For His own purposes, or to accomplish His Own designs. The reference is here undoubtedly to the psalmist himself; that is, to David. The word “godly,” as applied to himself, is probably used in contrast with his enemies as being engaged in wicked designs, to wit, in rebellion, and in seeking to dispossess him of his lawful throne. The psalmist felt that his cause was a righteous cause, that he had done nothing to deserve this treatment at their hands; and that he had been originally exalted to the throne because God regarded him as a friend of himself and of his cause; and because he knew that he would promote the interests of that cause. That Yahweh had done this; that is, that he had designated him to accomplish a certain work, or that he regarded him as an instrument to perform it. He would, therefore, protect him whom he had thus appointed; and their efforts were really directed against Yahweh himself, and must be vain.


However, while it is personal to the Psalmist, “The godly” can also be a distinguished, a peculiar people. The ones who have undergone a process of change. There may be a very exalted scale of morals observed by men, but still it amounts not to the scriptural idea of godliness, for all that comes within the range of moral observance may be entirely without reference to God. Godliness is a state of mind and heart which is derived from a source higher than man.


In addition, we must note that the source of godliness ,it must be God Himself. The Almighty power, acting out the dictates of Almighty grace and love, can alone bring a sinner, from his state of abject denudation, near to God, and pour into his nature the renovating Spirit that shall bring upon him the lineaments of that perfection in which he was at first created. If God “sets apart” or “chooses” a sinner, therefore, it is in order that there may be produced in him affinity to Christ, likeness to Christ–likeness to Christ in principle, in desire and intention, in motive, in affections, in actions. Incidental to this, and essential to it, is the conviction of sin which the Spirit of God creates in the heart. God usually furnishes those whom He reckons worthy of having this honor conferred upon them, with the endowment’s requisite for the exercise of their office, that they may not be as dead idols. 


Let this truth then, obtain a fixed place in our minds, that God will never withhold His assistance from those who go on sincerely in their course. Without this comfort, the faithful will inevitably sink into despondency every moment.




Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C

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