Revolving Trust

Revolving Trust

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Psalm 62: 8 (KJV)
8Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.

There is not a desire which he cannot gratify; not a trouble in which he cannot relieve us; not a danger in which he cannot defend us. And, in like manner there is not a spiritual want in which he will not feel a deep interest, nor a danger to our souls from which he will not be ready to deliver us. Much more freely than to any earthly parent – to a father, or even to a mother – may we make mention of all our troubles, little or great, before God.

This exhortation, addressed to all persons, in all circumstances, and at all times, is founded on the personal experience of the psalmist, and on the views which he had of the character of God, as worthy of universal confidence. David had found him worthy of such confidence; he now exhorts all others to make the same trial, and to put their trust in God in like manner. What he had found God to be, all others would find him to be. His own experience of God‘s goodness and mercy – of his gracious interposition in the time of trouble – had been such that he could confidently exhort all others, in similar circumstances, to make the same trial of his love.

The emphasis must be put upon the continuousness of the trust. We are called upon to trust God where we cannot praise Him. It is in the Garden of Gethsemane that we can best show the reality and force of our trust in God. Even unbelievers may laugh at times, and fools be glad in the time of abounding harvest; however, only the one who lovingly trusts in God can be calm in the darkness, and sing songs of trust when the fig tree does not flourish. It is said that trust of this kind amounts to an argument. It compels the attention of those who study the temper and action of our lives. Naturally they ask how it is that we are so sustained and comforted, and that when other men are complaining and repining we can repeat our prayer and sing the same song of trust, though sometimes, indeed, in a lower tone. We are watched when we stand by the graveside, and if our Christian faith can overcome human sorrow a tribute of praise is due to our principles. And many men may be prepared to render that tribute, and so bring themselves nearer to the kingdom of God. A beautiful refrain is this to our life-song, “Trust in Him at all times”–in youth, in age, in sorrow, in joy, in poverty, in wealth; at all times, in good harvests and in bad harvests, in the wilderness and in the garden, on the firm earth and on the tumultuous sea; at all times, until time itself has mingled with eternity.

This is our privilege, that we may pour out our hearts before God. Pour out our heart in personal prayer and supplication. God sees the heart; yet we need to open it ourselves to Him. Spread our case before Him. It will be our comfort and relief, our solace and our satisfaction.

Have a Great and God filled Day

Pastor C