Restoration Plea

Restoration Plea

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Ps.80: 3 (KJV)
3Turn us again, O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.

God’s people are vulnerable, and sometimes they foolishly become sidetracked. The Psalmist seeks to plead his case by bringing up God’s special relationship to his people.

 It has been observed “Turn us again”, is important in understanding the plight of Israel. This phrase in our translation would seem to mean, “Turn us again from our sins,” or, “Bring us back to our duty, and to thy love;”. The idea suggested would be either:
(a) restore us to our former state of prosperity; that is, cause these desolation’s to cease; or (b) bring us back, as from captivity, to our own land; restore us to our country and our homes, from which we have been driven out. Therefore, we would understood, it would be properly the language of those who were in captivity or exile, praying that they might be restored again to their own land.

Also, the next expression “Be favorable or propitious to us” is important. It is pleading to God to let the frown on His countenance disappear.- Psalm 4:6. Saved from our dangers; saved from our troubles. It is also true that when God causes His face to shine upon us, we shall be saved from our sins; saved from ruin. It is only by His smile and favor that we can be saved in any sense, or from any danger.

The meaning of this prayer is, Restore us to our former state. They had petitioned, in the preceding verse, that God would stir up His strength in the sight of Ephraim and Manasseh; and now they complain that they are but castaways until God succor them, and remedy their miserable dispersion. They acknowledge, on the one hand, that all their miseries were to be traced to this as their cause, that God, being angry on account of their sins, hid His face from them; and, on the other hand, they expect to obtain complete salvation solely through the Divine favor. It will be to us, they say, a resurrection indeed, if once thy countenance shine upon us. Their language implies, that provided God extended His mercy and favor to them, they would be happy, and all their affairs would prosper.

We are beseeching God to come to our aid in reviving the church and country, and to come with all His might and with all the armies of heaven, to turn the hearts of people around, so that the church may again flourish as it has done in the past. This is our plea for the church. Has the church fallen in disrepair these days? Absolutely yes! The Bible is no longer the authority in most churches. In most churches women are in authority. In most churches, God may no longer be sovereign. In most churches God may only be loving, and nothing else. In most churches, God is the servant of mankind. In most churches God is a like a loving grandfather who nervously watches how everything unfolds on His earth and who is powerless to do anything about it. This all started when the churches began to doubt the authority of the Word of God, like Eve did in the Garden of Eden.

Let us learn from this Psalm, which, in the following verses, has been written in the form of a parable. When God is displeased with His people, He must turn His face from them. We cannot blame God for our tears and our enemy’s triumph over us. Yet, Asaph knew that there would be no salvation apart from God’s favor; and no conversion apart from God’s grace. So, He leads the people in a song of repentance, crying, “Turn us again, O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved. God hears the cries of His people. His love and mercy would not allow Him to turn away from them forever.

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