Pursue Righteousness and Justice

Pursue Righteousness and Justice

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Proverbs 28: 5(KJV)
5 Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the Lord understand all things.

Or, “men of wickedness”; that are under the governing power of it; who are given up and give up themselves unto it; who, like Ahab, sell themselves to work wickedness. Another reading for justice here is “religion.” What this proverb says is that, “It is only through the Divine Law that either justice or right (righteousness in general) can be known.” As Kidner noted, all of this is spelled out in detail in Rom.1:18-32.

As the prevalence of men’s lusts is owing to the darkness of their understandings, so the darkness of their understandings is very much owing to the dominion of their lusts: Men understand not judgment, discern not between truth and falsehood, right and wrong; they understand not the law of God as the rule either of their duty or of their doom; and, therefore it is that they are evil men; their wickedness is the effect of their ignorance and error, Ephesians 4:18. Moreover, they understand not judgment, because they are evil men; their corruptions blind their eyes, and fill them with prejudices, and because they do evil they hate the light. It is just with God also to give them up to strong delusions.

Therefore we can emphatically conclude that evil men and women do not know what is just and right between man and man, at least not to do it; they do not know it practicality of it; they are wise to do evil, but to do good have no knowledge, Jeremiah 4:22; they know not the law of God, the rule of judgment, justice, and equity; at least not the extensiveness and spirituality of it, Jeremiah 8:7; and much less the Gospel of Christ, which is sometimes so called, Isaiah 42:1. Nor do they notice, as they should, to the judgments of God in the earth; they do not consider his work, and the operation of his hand; the vengeance he takes on wicked men, nor do they take any notice of the judgment to come, at which they must appear, and into which they will be brought, and all things done by them.

The one who makes wickedness his element, falls into the confusion of the moral conception; but he whose end is the one living God, gains from that, in every situation of life, even amid the greatest difficulties, the knowledge of that which is morally right.

On the flip side, they that know God are wise unto salvation; they “have the unction from the Holy One, and they know all things,” 1 John 2:20, everything that is essentially needful for them to know, in reference to both worlds.

In regards to the mercy God has shown us, let us be quick to see our transgression, but even quicker to confess them, knowing that His heart is merciful and His kindness is complete.

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