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Profitable Things

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2 Tim.2: 23 (KJV)

23 But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes. But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.



It is said, A person bent on strife will introduce it no matter the topic, but most certainly if the question has little value to begin with.


The Greek word translated “unlearned,” here, means “trifling; that which does not tend to edification; stupid.” However, it is better rendered ignorant. The Greeks and the Hebrews were greatly given to controversies of various kinds, and many of the questions discussed pertained to points which could not be settled, or which, if settled, were of no importance. These “questions,” which the false teachers, with whom Timothy was so much thrown, loved to put forward for discussion, could hardly be termed “unlearned” –much useless learning being often thrown away in these disputing of the schools–but were rather “pointless,” “stupid,” as well as foolish


Such has been the character of no small part of the disputes which have agitated the world. Paul correctly says that the only effect of such disputes is to engender harsh contention. Points of real importance can be discussed with no injury to the temper; but people cannot safely dispute about trifles. Such as have no solid wisdom in them, and are foreign from the Gospel, the wisdom of God in a mystery, and are not useful and unedifying; such ought to be avoided, publicly and privately; they should not be started in the public ministry, nor attended to in private conversation; as being unworthy of the notice of a minister of the Gospel wise and learned, and useless to the church, and to his hearers.


It is a precept or caution of the same nature with those, 1 Timothy 1:4, 4:7; and 2 Timothy 2:16. The repetition of this precept of the apostle four times in these two short Epistles, lets us know how important a thing he judged it, that ministers of the gospel should not spend their time in their discourses to their congregations, in things that tend nothing to the building up of their hearers in faith or holiness, being either old wives’ fables. This ought to be carefully observed; for we see what foolish admiration the world entertains for silly trifles, and how eagerly it runs after them. That an ambition to please may not urge us to seek the favor of men by such display. Let us always remember this remarkable testimony of Paul, that questions, which are held in high estimation, are nevertheless foolish, because they are unprofitable. Let us seek and discuss things that edify the saints and glorify the Savior. 


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