Preserved by God

Preserved by God

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Psalm 16: 1 (KJV)
1Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.

The psalmist prayed that God would “Keep; guard; save him. This language implies that there was imminent danger of some kind – perhaps, as the subsequent part of the psalm would seem to indicate, danger of death. Psalm 16:8-10. The idea here is, that God was able to preserve him from the impending danger, and that he might hope he would do it. That is, my hope is in thee. He had no other reliance than God; but he had confidence in him – he felt assured that there was safety there.

This prayer in which David commits himself to the protection of God is special. He does not, however, here implore the aid of God, in some particular emergency, as he often does in other psalms, but he beseeches Him to show Himself his protector during the whole course of his life, and indeed our safety both in life and in death depends entirely upon our being under the protection of God. What follows concerning trust, signifies much the same thing as if the Holy Spirit assured us by the mouth of David, that God is ready to succor all of us, provided we rely upon Him with a sure and steadfast faith; and that He takes under His protection none but those who commit themselves to Him with their whole heart. At the same time, we must be reminded that David, supported by this trust, continued firm and unmoved amidst all the storms of adversity with which he was buffeted.

Now, just as the psalmist commits himself to God and prays that God will preserve him in all circumstances, because he sees God as a safe refuge in Whom he can find shelter. We need to do the same. No matter what is happening or we are facing, we need to realize that God is our guide, help and strength, a present help in whatever situation we are going through. We also notice that this is a prayer based on the confidence of what God is to him, not because of some particular situation of urgency that requires assistance, but as an overall basis of life. We too should seek to take such refuge in God daily in a similar way. It is the right situation to be in for a man of faith.

Let us therefore here learn that we must call upon the Lord, especially in distress, when we are ready to perish; in which circumstances the children of men do everything but call upon the Lord, and rather renounce all hope, and give themselves up to despair.” How can he call upon the Lord who does not confide in Him? Confidence and believing trust are reckoned among those things which God, in compassion, will regard graciously, and through which He will make us eternally blessed, as we see here. Nothing can stand, nothing can uphold or deliver, when matters come to such a pass, but a pure and firm faith, which grounds itself solely upon the Divine compassion, and which promises itself nothing from itself, but everything from God.

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