Practicing Godly Living

Practicing Godly Living

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1 Peter 4: 7 (KJV)

7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.



This declaration seems to be evidently designed to support and encourage them in their trials, and to excite them to lead a holy life, by the assurance that the end of all things was drawing near. The phrase, “the end of all things,” would naturally refer to the end of the world; the winding up of human affairs. It is not absolutely certain, however, that the apostle used it here in this sense. It might mean that so far as they were concerned, or in respect to them, the end of all things drew near. Death is to each one the end of all things here below; the end of his plans and of his interest in all that pertains to sublunary affairs.


And though the faithful hear that their felicity is elsewhere than in the world, yet, as they think that they should live long, this false thought renders them careless, and even slothful, so that they direct not their thoughts to the kingdom of God. These words are brought by the apostle as a fresh argument to persuade the Christian Jews to the practice of sincere holiness: the end of all things, that is, of the Jewish state and polity, their city, their temple, and worship, is at hand, the fatal destruction of Jerusalem is now very near, therefore be ye sober and temperate in all things; watch, that the day of visitation overtake you not unawares, and pray for the averting of God’s wrath, and that ye be not overwhelmed in it.


He returns to his purpose, using an argument taken from the circumstance of the time. Because the last end is at hand, and therefore we must much more diligently watch and pray, with true sobriety of mind. Be sober; serious; thoughtful; considerate. Let a fact of so much importance make a solemn impression on our mind, and preserve you from frivolity, levity, and vanity.- make a prudent and moderate use of all you possess; and watch against all occasions of sin; and pray for the supporting hand of God to be upon you for good, that ye may escape the destruction that is coming upon the Jews, and that ye may be saved from among them when the scourge comes.


‘To him that believeth all things are possible. But to make this possibility a fact, we need, and we all know sadly that we need, the fresh conviction of a Spiritual Presence in our troubled world, and spiritual fellowship with the unseen realized through the fullness of our humanity. Let us learn hence, that sobriety, watchfulness, and prayer, are very requisite and needful qualifications to prepare and fit persons for every coming and appearance of Christ to judgment; be it? His particular coming to some, or His universal coming to all, at the end of the world!



Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C

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