Our Life in Christ

Our Life in Christ

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Colossians 3: 3 (KJV)
3For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

It has been noted, “Christ is our treasure; and where our treasure is, there is our heart. Christ lives in the bosom of the Father; as our heart is in him, we also sit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Christ is the life of our souls; and as he is hidden in the bosom of the Father, so are we, who live through and in him.”

The idea of the apostle is, that as Christ became literally dead in the tomb, so we, in virtue of our connection with him, have become dead to sin, to worldly influences, pleasures, and ambition. Or, in other words, we are to be to them as if we were dead, and they had no more influence over us than the things of earth had over him in the grave. The believer in Christ is death to all hopes of happiness from the present world; and, according to your profession, should feel no more appetite for the things of this life, than he does whose soul is departed into the invisible state. He is Dead to the world; dead to sin; dead to earthly pleasures. Life is a mystery, however we regard it. The life of our natural body is a mystery. The inner life of every man is a mystery. The life of the Christian soul is a mystery. The Apostle tells us it is hid with Christ in God.

The purpose of the Apostle is evidently to exhort the Colossians to live the highest possible life, the life of the resurrection, the life of heaven even on earth. To do that is here described in two words: “Seek the things that are above,” “Set your mind, or affection, on the things that are above.” Seek them in order to find and possess them. Seek them as goodly pearls, for they can be found; they have an existence. It is worthy of our observation, that our life is said to be hid, that we may not murmur or complain if our life, being buried under the ignominy of the cross, and under various distresses, differs nothing from death, but may patiently wait for the day of revelation. And in order that our waiting may not be painful. If we are true Christians, we have passed through a death of some kind, and our life, if we have one, is a hidden life, a life not seen by men, a life safe in the company and the custody of Christ.

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