Our Hope is IN Christ

Our Hope is IN Christ

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Psa.78: 7 (KJV)

7That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.


In its original application this verse is simply a statement of God’s purpose in giving to Israel the Law, and such a history of deliverance. The intention was that all future generations might remember what He had done, and be encouraged by the remembrance to hope in Him for the future; and by both memory and hope, be impelled to the discharge of present duty. That they (Israel) might place confidence in God; that they might maintain their allegiance to him.


We are to understand that the object was to give such exhibitions of His character and government as to inspire just confidence in Him, or to lead people to trust in Him; and not to trust in idols and false gods. All the laws which God has ordained are such as are suited to inspire confidence in Him as a just and righteous ruler; and all His dealings with mankind, when they are properly – that is, “really” – understood, will be found to be adapted to the same end.


“And not forget the works of God” – His doings. The word here does not refer to his “works” considered as the works of creation, or the material universe, but to his acts – to what He has done in administering His government over mankind. Also, as to that which the Gospel declares; not only the miracles of Christ recorded by the evangelists, but the works of grace, redemption, and salvation; the remembrance of which is kept up by the ministry of the word, and the administration of ordinances


“But keep his commandmentsThat by contemplating His doings, by understanding the design of His administration, they might be led to keep His commandments. The purpose was that they might see such wisdom, justice, equity, and goodness in his administration, that they would be led to keep laws so suited to promote the welfare of mankind. If people saw all the reasons of the divine dealings, or fully understood them, nothing more would be necessary to secure universal confidence in God and in his government. the commandments of Christ, and which are peculiar to the Gospel dispensation; and are to be kept in faith, from a principle of love, through the grace and strength of Christ, and to the glory of God by him


Therefore, we see here and are made to understand in whom and where to put our trust and most definitely it is not in the creature, nor in any creature enjoyment; (Job 31:24), the Lord is the only proper object of hope and confidence; Christ, who is truly God, is the hope of his people, and in him they place it, as they have great reason to do; since with him there is mercy, the mercy of God is proclaimed in him; and with him there is redemption, which includes the blessings of peace, pardon, and righteousness; and a plenteous one, a redemption from all sin; and it is the Gospel which points out these things in Christ, and encourages a firm and settled hope and trust in him: and this shows that that is meant by the law and testimony; since the law of Moses gives no encouragement to hope in God; it convinces of sin, but does not direct to a Savior, and so leaves without hope; it works wrath, terror, and despair; it is in the Gospel only Christ is set before men, as the object of hope to lay hold on, and which is as an anchor sure and steadfast, where they may securely place it.


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