Our Caring God

Our Caring God

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Psalm 86: 6 (KJV)

6Give ear, O Lord, unto my prayer; and attend to the voice of my supplications.


As this psalm is called, in the title of it; his own prayer, and not another’s, not one composed for him, but what was composed by him; this petition is repeated, as to the sense of it, from Psalm 86:1 to show his importunity to be heard, which proceeded from the spirit of grace and supplication, put up in an humble manner, in a dependence on the mercy of God, which the word used has the signification of, and were attended with thanksgiving. He repeats and multiplies his requests, both to ease his own troubled mind, and to prevail with God, who is well-pleased with his people’s importunity in prayer.


It is noted that from the earnest repetition of his former requests in this and the subsequent verse, it is evident that he was oppressed with no ordinary degree of grief, and also agitated with extreme anxiety. From this example, we are taught that those who, having engaged in prayer once, allow themselves immediately to give over that exercise, provided God does not at once grant them their desire, betray the coldness and inconstancy of their hearts. Nor is this repetition of the same requests to be thought superfluous; for hereby the saints, by little and little, discharge their cares into the bosom of God, and this importunity is a sacrifice of a sweet savor before Him. When the Psalmist says, God will hear me when I cry in the day of trouble, he makes a particular application to himself of the truth which he had just now stated, That God is merciful and gracious to all who call upon him.


Now as I think of the supremacy of the One God, His eternal omnipotence, His unlimited authority, His very uniqueness – all these are encouragements for me to seek God and turn to him for help, for forgiveness and salvation. There is none other from whom men could expect the slightest help or attention of any kind but the One and Only True Living God.



Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C