Oh What a Love

Oh What a Love

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1 John 4: 9 (KJV)
9 In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

It is said that, in the kingdom of nature, it is full of destruction: it is in the kingdom of grace that God, as love, is manifested, and in the kingdom of glory is perfectly realized.

God’s love as in mind in this passage is a love revealed in sending ‘His only unique Son’, (in other words the only One of the same essences and being as Himself. This is using human terminology to depict a divine truth), into the world that we might live through Him. He sent Him in His great love, so that those who would truly respond to Him might have life. And the life we receive is His life, given to us, so that it reproduces His own righteousness and love. It will thus be revealed in love of those who are His.

The text asserts God’s love before He sent Christ; affirms Christ’s mission to be the manifestation of God’s love. There need be no doubt, then, as to the fact that God loves us, has loved us. But more than this, the text not only implies that God is loving and loves us, but asserts that He is love. Love is the sum and harmony of all His attributes, His essence.

Here we read about the love of God in its descripted form, and instanced in, is not the same as His general love to all His creatures, which is shown in the make of them, and in the support of them in their beings, and in His providential care of them, and kindness to them. It also noted that it is His special love towards His elect, and which was before it was manifested; it was secretly in His heart from everlasting, and did not begin to be at the mission of Christ into the world, but was then in a most glaring manner manifested: there were several acts of it before, as the choice of them in Christ, the appointment of Him to be their Savior, and the covenant of grace made with Him on their account. Once these were more secret and hidden; but now the love and kindness of God appeared, broke forth, and shone out in its glory. This is a most flagrant and notorious instance of it, in which it is exceedingly conspicuous; this is a most clear proof, a plain and full demonstration of it.

The Apostle here has chosen the principal evidence of it, and what far surpasses all other things. For it was not only an immeasurable love, that God spared not his own Son, that by his death he might restore us to life; but it was goodness the most marvelous, which ought to fill our minds with the greatest wonder and amazement. Christ, then, is so illustrious and singular a proof of divine love towards us, that whenever we look upon him, He fully confirms to us the truth that God is love.

Let it be known that it was a wonderful instance of the love of God, that He should be pleased to take our case into consideration, and to concern Himself for our happiness; as nothing is more obliging to human nature than love, so no love obliges more than that which is exercised with great condescension after a provocation; such was God’s love to offending man. It may help us to love God more and to adore God Incarnate with more definite and intelligent acts of worship if we carry in our minds clear ideas respecting the facts and the results of the Incarnation.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C