Love NOT the World

Love NOT the World

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1 John 2: 15 (KJV)
15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

It is said, ‘Covetousness’ is the predominant vice of THE age: Ye fathers, love not the world. The things which are in the world, its profits, pleasures, and honors, have the strongest allurements for youth; therefore, ye young men, little children, and babes, love not the things of this world. Let those hearts abide faithful to God who have taken him for their portion. Though these several classes were so well acquainted with Divine things, and had all tasted the powers of the world to come: yet so apt are men to be drawn aside by sensible things, that the Holy Spirit saw it necessary to caution these against the love of the world, the inordinate desire of earthly things.

We are told God so “loved the world” that He gave his only begotten Son (John 3:16), but “world” here has a different meaning. “It is an inclusive term for all those who are in the kingdom of darkness and have not been born of God.” It also regards the material and temporary character of it. It is “visible” and therefore must be classified among those things which “are seen,” contrasting with the things which “are unseen” and designated by Paul as eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). Bruce noted the difference: “It is the world-system organized in rebellion against God which is in view – the current climate of opinion, as we might say.” He also observed that the word “love” is different here from that used in John 3:16. “In John 3:16, it is self-sacrificing love; here it is acquisitive love.

The habitable earth, the world in which men live; this is not to be loved by saints, as if it was their habitation, where they are always to be, and so loath to remove from it, seeing they are but sojourners, and pilgrims, and strangers here; this is not their rest, nor dwelling place, their continuing city, or proper country, that is heaven. Nor should they love the men of the world, who are as they came into it, are of it, and mind the things of it, and lie in wickedness, and are wicked men; for though these are to be loved, as men, as fellow creatures, and their good, both spiritual and temporal, is to be sought, and good is to be done to them, as much as lies in our power, both with respect to soul and body; yet their company is not to be chosen, and preferred to the saints, but to be shunned and avoided, as disagreeable and dangerous; their evil conversation, and wicked communications, are not to be loved, but abhorred, and their works of darkness are to be reproved; nor are their ways to be imitated, and their customs followed, or their manners to be conformed to.

If, in this sense, a person loves the world, it shows that he has no true religion; that is, if characteristically he loves the world as his portion, and lives for that; if it is the ruling principle of his life to gain and enjoy that, it shows that his heart has never been renewed, and that he has no part with the children of God. How necessary it is to cast away the love of the world, if we wish to please God; and this he afterwards confirms by an argument drawn from what is inconsistent; for what belongs to the world is wholly at variance with God. We must bear in mind what I have already said, that a corrupt mode of life is here mentioned, which has nothing in common with the kingdom of God, that is, when men become so degenerated, that they are satisfied with the present life, and think no more of immortal life than mute animals. Whosoever, then, makes himself thus a slave to earthly lusts, cannot be of God.

The love of God and the love of earthly things are incompatible. If we give place to the love of the world, the love of God cannot dwell in us; and if we have not His love, we can have no peace, no holiness, no heaven.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C