Keep our Eyes on Christ

Keep our Eyes on Christ

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James 5: 16 (KJV)
16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

We all know life is and can be hard sometimes, and many would be in agreement with me. Too many have had their bout with discouragement and disappointment, which they see no help in sight. The reality is that this pair of twins often go hand in hand for me. It often starts with a disappointment and then spirals down into discouragement that is often hard to get past. This is a scheme used by satan with all of us as he knows that when we are discouraged, we will not be the men and women that God desires us to be.

It is of great importance for us to know when God designs to do some particular work in his Church, He pours out on His followers the spirit of grace and supplication; and this He does sometimes when He is about to do some especial work for an individual. When such a power of prayer is granted, faith should be immediately called into exercise, that the blessing may be given: the spirit of prayer is the proof that the power of God is present to heal.

However, we must note, as is pointed out, that it is not any man’s prayer; not the prayer of a profane sinner, for God heareth not sinners; nor of hypocrites and formal professors: but of the righteous man, who is justified by the righteousness of Christ, and has the truth of grace in him, and lives soberly and righteously; for a righteous man often designs a good man, a gracious man, one that is sincere and upright, as Job, Joseph of Arimathea, and others; though not without sin, as the person instanced in the following verse shows; “Elias, who was a man of like passions”, but a just man, and his prayer was prevalent: and not any prayer of a righteous man is of avail, but that which is “effectual, fervent”; that has power, and energy, and life in it; which is with the Spirit, and with the understanding, with the heart, even with a true heart, and in faith; and which is put up with fervency, and not in a cold, lukewarm, lifeless, formal, and customary way: that prayer which is constant and continual, and without ceasing, and is importunate; this prevails and succeeds, as the parable of the widow and the unjust judge shows. Let us always remember when discouragement and disappointment comes to keep our eyes on Christ, the Savior and Sustainer of our soul.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C

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