Its ALL about Christ

Its ALL about Christ

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Galatians 5:26 (KJV)
26 Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another

Let us not be vain glorious – boasting of our attainments; vaunting ourselves to be superior to others; or seeking honor from those things which do not possess moral good; in birth, riches, eloquence, etc., etc. Ambitious of being thought wiser, and richer, and more valuable than others; or of having the preeminence in the management of all affairs, and of having honor, esteem, and popular applause from men, may well be called vain glory, since it is only in outward things, as wisdom, riches, strength, and honor, and not in God the giver of them, and who can easily take them away. Also they are only there but for a time, and is quickly gone, and lies only in the opinion and breath of men.

The word used here (vain glory) means “proud” or “vain” of empty advantages, as of birth, property, eloquence, or learning. The reference here is probably to the paltry competitions which arose on account of these supposed advantages. It is possible that this might have been one cause of the difficulties existing in the churches of Galatia, and the apostle is anxious wholly to check and remove it.

Vain-glory and jealousy are two of the fundamental fleshly lusts, especially degrading and unbecoming in the church of Jesus Christ. Nothing that anyone is or has is of himself, but of God. As Russell said: Even Jesus said,The Son can do nothing of himself’ (John 5:19).”All of the miracles of our Lord were done as a result of prayer to the Father.

The Jews prided themselves on their birth, and people are everywhere prone to overvalue the supposed advantages of birth and blood. The doctrines of Paul are, that on great and most vital respects people are on a level; that these things contribute nothing to salvation (Galatians 3:28); and that Christians should esteem them of little importance, and that they should not be suffered to interfere with their fellowship, or to mar their harmony and peace.

The love of vainglory is a common vice throughout the whole world, in all conditions. No place is so small but there be one or two persons therein, that will fain be taken for wiser and better than the rest. It is so pleasant to be pointed at with the finger and hear it said: “See, there is a man that is fit for anything!” This vice is common, yet nowhere does it such harm as to those who fulfill a spiritual function and service in the Church. To desire vainglory is to desire lies, because when an individual praise another he tells lies. What is there in anybody to praise? But it is different when the ministry is praised. We should not only desire people to praise the ministry of the Gospel but also do our utmost best to make the ministry worthy of praise because this will make the ministry more effective. Paul warns the Romans not to bring Christianity into disrepute. “Let not then your good be evil spoken of.” (Romans 14:16.) He also begged the Corinthians to “give no offense in anything, that the ministry be not blamed.” (I Cor. 6:3.) When people praise our ministry, they are not praising our persons, but God. Let us remember, it is always about Christ and never about us and our accomplishments.

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Pastor C