It is Time

It is Time

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Romans 13: 12 (KJV)
12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

Paul’s imagery here still refers to sleepers waiting too long to rouse out of slumber. They were such as had slept long past the normal time of awakening. It was not merely dawn, but daylight had fully burst upon them. This metaphor applied with specific force to the lifting of the long night of pagan darkness which had wrapped the world in Woe. Paul was saying that darkness was lifted a generation ago; the glorious daylight of the gospel is already shining. There are Christians, of all places, in Rome itself! The old sins and debaucheries of the pagan darkness must be cast off. The armor of light was available for all who would receive and wear it. That such was actually Paul’s meaning here is evident from a comparison with Ephesians 5:14, quoted under Romans 13:11, above, where “Christ will shine upon you,” does not mean at the judgment, but right now! Thus, “day” in this passage, having reference to the same time, means “at the present time, in the gospel age.”
Paul is telling us that the time to sleep has well passed. Now it is time to become active in the business of the Lord. His words remind us that there is an urgency to the things of God. I not sure if you know but every day people are dying without the Lord and going to Hell. Every day the forces of evil are growing stronger and working harder in the world. There is a tremendous need for believers everywhere to wake up from their slumber to recognize the seriousness and the lateness of the hour and to get busy serving the Lord with all of their might. If you are planning to tell your neighbors about Jesus, the time is now! If you are going to tell your family about Jesus the time is now. If you are going to go to work for the Lord the time is now! May we recognize the crisis of the hour and dedicate ourselves to being all God wants us to be in these days.

Have a Great and God filled Day

Pastor C