In Jehovah God WE Trust

In Jehovah God WE Trust

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Psalm 56: 4 (KJV)
4In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.

The meaning of this seems to be, “In reference to God – or, in my trust on God – I will especially have respect to his “word” – his gracious promise; I will make that the special object of my praise.

Here he grows more courageous in the exercise of hope, as generally happens with the people of God. They find it difficult at first to reach this exercise. It is only after a severe struggle that they rise to it, but the effort being once made, they emerge from their fears into the fullness of confidence, and are prepared to grapple with the most formidable enemies. It is noted that “To praise”, is here synonymous with glorying or boasting. He was now in possession of a triumphant confidence, and rejoiced in the certainty of hope.

It has also been noted that the ground of his joy is said to be the divine word; and this implies, that however much he might seem to be forsaken and abandoned by God, he satisfied himself by reflecting on the truthfulness of his promises. He would glory in God notwithstanding, and although there should be no outward appearance of help, or it should even be sensibly withdrawn, he would rest contented with the simple security of his word.

The declaration is one that deserves our notice. How prone are we to fret and to murmur when it has not pleased God immediately to grant us our requests! Our discontent may not be openly expressed, but it is inwardly felt, when we are left in this manner to depend upon his naked promises. It was no small attainment in David, that he could thus proceed to praise the Lord, in the midst of dangers, and with no other ground of support but the word of God. What is more obvious than that, God is able to protect us from the hand of men, that his power to defend is immensely greater than their power to injure?

This may be true, but we all know too well how much of that perverse unbelief there is in our hearts, which leads us to rate the ability of God below that of the creature. As pointed out, there is no small proof, therefore, of the faith of David, that he could despise the threatening of his enemies. And it would be well if all the saints of God were impressed with such a sense of His superiority to their adversaries as would lead them to show a similar contempt of danger. When assailed by these, it should never escape their recollection, that the contest is in reality between their enemies and God, and that it were blasphemous in this case to doubt the issue. The great object which these have in view is to shake our faith in the promised help of the Lord; and we are chargeable with limiting his power, unless we realize Him standing at our right hand, able with one movement of His finger, or one breath of His mouth, to dissipate their hosts, and confound their infatuated machinations.

The idea is, that he would “always” find in God that which was the ground or foundation for praise; and that that which called for special praise in meditating on the divine character, was the word or promise which God had made to His people. In dwelling in my own mind on the divine perfections; in finding there, materials for praise, as an encouragement to me. I will be thankful that He “has” spoken, and that He has given me assurances on which I may rely in the times of danger.”

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