In God We Trust

In God We Trust

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Micah 7: 5(KJV)

5 Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.


When any person gets the idea that he is the only good person remaining alive, he drifts into a detachment from his fellows and thereby forfeits all possibility of rendering further usefulness.–Wolfe 

Society is rotten, ripe for destruction – the way our own society seems to be going. Do you ever look around you at what is going on in the world and get filled with despair? How can it be righted? Does the situation ever seem to be hopeless?


It has been observed, “Passion and sin break every band of friendship, kindred, gratitude, and nature.” So it was in the times of the gospel persecutions. “A man’s foes are they of his own household” (Matthew 10:35-36Luke 12:53). These words would be applicable to “any seriously troubled times.” Certainly, it was the great crisis brought about by the total defeat of Israel that lay at the heart of the conditions indicated here. “This is the condition that developed in the midst of the punishment and confusion.” “It was an unnatural breakdown of cohesion in the home, the microcosm of society.” Trust ye not in a friend – faith is kept nowhere: all to a man are treacherous (Jeremiah 9:2-6). When justice is perverted by the great, faith nowhere is safe. Put ye not confidence in a guide – a counselor (Calvin) able to help and advice (cf. Psalms 118:8-9“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in princes;” Psalms 146:3). Micah means the head of your family, to whom all the members of the family would naturally repair in emergencies.” 


We can understand what the Prophet means by saying, Trust not a friend; that is, if any one hopes for anything from a friend, he will be deceived; for nothing can be found among men but perfidy. he had spoken of an associate or a friend, so he now adds a counselor. And it proves what he had in view, when he says in the next clause, that no enemies are worse than domestics. We hence see that the Prophet simply means, that the men of his age were not only avaricious and cruel to one another, but that without any regard to human feelings the son rebelled against his father, and thus subverted the whole order of nature; So that they had none of those affections, which seem at the same time to be incapable of being extinguished in men. 


Micah looked at his nation and saw that there was nothing left of righteousness and justice – it was utterly worthless – corrupt, ripe for judgment. Most prodigiously treacherous were the people of that age, and since none upright, all lay in wait for blood, and were turned hunters of brethren, it is but necessary caution that they trust no friendship. Loyalty and faithfulness, trust, could not be found in this “dog eat dog” society where everyone was only concerned with furthering his own ends. Just as it is today. In such a corrupt society you can trust no one. Lives are ruled by suspicion, looking for ulterior motives. Even those closest to you, you cannot trust or rely upon, for anyone could betray you if the price of the bribe was right. Any indiscreet word may be used against you if it works to another’s advantage. A husband must even watch what he says to his wife. What a terrible situation it is when faithfulness, loyalty and commitment have disappeared! Who can you trust? What can you rely upon? It is walking on sinking sand! Nothing firm or reliable! Just like today


This is not said to lessen the value of friendship; or to discourage the cultivation of it with agreeable persons; or to dissuade from a confidence in a real friend; or in the least to weaken it, and damp the pleasure of true friendship, which is one of the great blessings of life; but to set forth the sad degeneracy of the then present age, that men, who pretended to be friends, were so universally false and faithless, that there was no dependence to be had on them. People will rise up to oppress true believers; and these must abandon their nearest relations, when they prove an obstacle to salvation. Thus are the moral, and the other the literal sense. 


Have a great and godly day!


Pastor C

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