In God WE Trust

In God WE Trust

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Psalm 44: 8 (KJV)

8In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah.

Here we find that due to all the great deeds of the Lord and victory given from the Lord, the people continue to praise the name of the Lord and give him thanks. As we read this psalm, we may think this psalm is a psalm of praise or a psalm of thanksgiving for the mighty deeds of God. However, the psalm now takes a turn and describes the suffering they are enduring now. If you recall, David repeatedly reminded the worshipers to remember how God has delivered us in the past to give us faith in God as we deal with current and future problems.

As been noted, this is the conclusion of the first part of the psalm. To express the meaning in a few words, they acknowledge, that in all ages, the goodness of God had been so great towards the children of Abraham, that it furnished them with continual matter of thanksgiving. As if the thing were still present to their view, they acknowledge that, without ceasing, they ought to give praise to God, because they had flourished and triumphed, not merely for one age, or a short period of time, but because they had continued to do so successively from age to age, for whatever prosperity had befallen them, they ascribe it to the grace of God. And, certainly, it is then that men experience from the prosperity which befalls them, a holy and a well-regulated joy, when it bursts forth in the praises of God.

Because of what we know and learn from their experience, let us then, bear in mind that this verse relates to the time of joy and prosperity in which God manifested His favor towards His people. Also, that the faithful here manifest that they are not ungrateful, inasmuch as, having laid aside all vain boasting, they confess that all the victories by which they had become great and renowned proceeded from God, and that it was by his power alone that they had hitherto continued to exist, and had been preserved in safety; and, that it was not only once or twice that matter of joy had been afforded them, but that this existed for a long time, inasmuch as God had manifested towards them, during a long and uninterrupted period, divers proofs and tokens of his paternal favor, so that the continuance, and, so to speak, the long experience they had had of it, ought to have been the means of confirming their hope.

We need to take noted and observe that is, continually or constantly by the people. Therefore this should not be a momentary or temporary expression of our feelings, but should be our habitual and constant employment. We have no other ground of reliance, and we express that reliance constantly. The word rendered “boast” here rather more literally means praise: “In God we praise all the day long.” The idea is, that He was their only ground of confidence and He should be ours. They ascribed all their former successes to him; they had no other reliance now, we need to do the same. Let this be OUR motto, in God we trust not in man or substance.

Have a great and God filled day!

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