Hope in God

Hope in God

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Psalm 62: 8 (KJV)

Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.


This exhortation, is addressed to all persons, in all circumstances, and at all times, and is founded on the personal experience of the psalmist, and on the views which he had of the character of God, as worthy of universal confidence. David had found him worthy of such confidence and he now exhorts all others to make the same trial, and to put their trust in God in like manner. What he had found God to be, all others would find him to be. His own experience of God‘s goodness and mercy – of his gracious interposition in the time of trouble – had been such that he could confidently exhort all others, in similar circumstances, to make the same trial of his love.


This important phrase, ‘pour out your heart’ has significance. The idea is, that the heart becomes tender and soft, so that its feelings and desires flow out as water, and all its emotions, all its wishes, its sorrows, its troubles, are poured out before God. Note that all that is in our hearts is made known to God. There is not a desire which he cannot gratify; not a trouble in which he cannot relieve us; not a danger in which he cannot defend us. And, in like manner there is not a spiritual want in which He will not feel a deep interest, nor a danger to our souls from which He will not be ready to deliver us. Much more freely than to any earthly parent – to a father, or even to a mother – may we make mention of all our troubles, little or great, before God.


This is our privilege, that we may pour out our hearts before God. Pour out our heart in personal prayer and supplication. God sees the heart; yet we need to open it ourselves to Him. We need to spread our case before Him. It will be our comfort and relief, our solace and our satisfaction. Holy trust is an act of worship proper and peculiar to a holy God. No creature must share in it: whatever we trust in, unless it be in subordination unto God, we make it our God, or at least our idol. True trust in God takes us off the hinges of all other confidences: as we cannot serve, so we cannot trust, God and Mammon. There must be but one string to the bow of our trust; and that is the Lord. let us therefore remember that our hope is in God and not our brief and shifting circumstances of life. Our hope is in the One who knows what tomorrow might bring. Let us rest in Him for He is our life. 


Have a great and godly day!


Pastor C