Honor God by Loving All

Honor God by Loving All

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2 Peter 2: 17 (KJV)
17 Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

There is no respect of persons with God, and there should be none with men. When you fail to value aright any man or class of men, you are fighting against God, and will certainly be hurt. Nothing is gained by a false estimate of the value of any man.

This is a difficult commandment, but no more so than Paul’s admonition for every man to “count others better than himself’ (Philippians 2:3). That is, give honor to whom honor is due, Romans 13:7. Respect every man as a fellow creature, and as one who may be a fellow heir with you of eternal life; and therefore, be ready to give him every kind of succor in your power.
As it has been commented, there is no need of argument to prove the kindliness of Christianity, compared with every other system of belief. Its regard for life and its sympathy with human weakness may be seen upon the surface of every Christian land. To this we owe our hospitals and refuges, and all the multitude of charitable institutions which mitigate human suffering. But it is by no means sufficient merely to notice this as a fact. It is of great moment that we search into the principle from which it springs, and that principle is shortly but forcibly brought out in the precept of Peter-“Honor all men.” Now it is important that we should see why this precept was confined to Christianity. It was so, first, because its teaching made it for the first time possible, truly, and with reason, to fulfill it. Before this, dark shades rested upon the nature of man. Different qualities of man might be honored, but right reason could scarcely honor man-poor, fallen, wretched, debased man. So, it was of old. But so, it was not after Christ our Lord had come upon the earth. His incarnation has dispelled this darkness. For it clearly showed that the sin which dwelt in man and mocked him, by pretending to be a part of himself, was no true part of himself. For in that very humanity, the Son of God had tabernacle without spot of sin.

Moreover, besides this Christianity alone made all men brothers. Its blessed communion makes all equal, not by putting down the distinctions of earth, confounding the ranks of society, but by raising the manhood in each of us to its true worthiness, by teaching the master to treat the servant “not now as a servant” but “above a servant,” as a “brother beloved”; by showing all that as “partakers of the benefit,” as members of Christ, they have a unity which the petty distinctions of earth cannot dissever; a true dignity, which its seeming degradation cannot obscure.

As was pointed out, we need to remember where we are, if we are lively members of the body of Christ. We have been chosen out of the world, gathered into a fold of which Christ is the door, adopted into a home for the members of which He prayed to the Eternal Father “that they may be one, as We are.” If we are true to our character, we will find in the peace of love and unity of our Christian home not only a solace for the troubles of the world, but a counter-attraction against its sinful pleasures and shelter against its dangers. And, moreover, that love and union, which ministers to our joy, serves to the glory of God, and wins souls from the world into the Church.’

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