Holding Fast the Faithful Word

Holding Fast the Faithful Word

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2 Timothy 1: 13 (KJV)
13Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.

We live in a time when faithfulness to God is not deem as important. A time when God’s Word is not preached, promoted or practiced by those who professed to know Him. There is a clarion call for the believer to tenaciously hold to what they know is true concerning God and His word.

It is said, Faith credits the Divine doctrines. Love reduces them all to practice. Faith lays hold on Jesus Christ, and obtains that love by which every precept is cheerfully and effectually obeyed.

The Greek word here rendered is important. The word means a form, sketch, or imperfect delineation – an outline. Grotius says that it here means “an exemplar, but an exemplar fixed in the mind – an idea.” Calvin says that the command is that he should adhere to the doctrine which he had learned, not only in its substance, but in its form signifies the sketch, plan, or outline of a building, picture, etc.; and here refers to the plan of salvation which the apostle had taught Timothy. No man was left to invent a religion for his own use, and after his own mind. God alone knows that with which God can be pleased. If God did not give a revelation of Himself, the inventions of man, in religious things, would be endless error, involving itself in contortions of unlimited confusion. God gives, in His mercy to man, a form of sound words or doctrines; a perfect plan and sketch of the original building; fair and well defined outlines of everything which concerns the present and eternal welfare of man, and his own glory.

Here Paul shows Timothy in what he ought to be most constant, that is, both in the doctrine itself, the essential parts of which are faith and charity, and next in the manner of teaching it. It is a living pattern and shape of which Timothy knew existed in the apostle. Also notice next how it was that the Apostle acquired this knowledge, which enabled him to speak, with so much sure certainty, respecting Christ. One was from the testimony of others, the other from his own experience. As from the testimony of others, the uniform testimony of all time, with regard to the mode of salvation, has been that Christ is the one and the only foundation for the sinner’s hope for eternity.

Let us take noted that in every dispensation, the Patriarchal, the Legal or Levitical, as well as the Gospel the way of salvation has been but one. Prophets and righteous men of old, types and predictions, and ceremonies, all pointed to the Savior as the one hope of the sinner, the one refuge in whom men may be invited to find shelter from God’s wrath on account of sin. Moreover, there was a fuller and firmer ground of confidence than this. Please note that once he was the most active amongst the persecutors of Christianity. But now so rich had been his experience of the sympathy, the love, the grace, the power, the wisdom, of Jesus, that he was able to say, “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that day.” Let this be our commitment and stand as well.

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