He Came for YOU

He Came for YOU

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St. John 1: 11 (KJV)
11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

“To receive Christ is to acknowledge Him as the promised Messiah; to believe in Him as the victim that bears away the sin of the world; to obey His Gospel, and to become a partaker of His holiness, without which no man, on the Gospel plan, can ever see God.”

Here is the same dramatic repetition of “his own,” similar to the repetition of “the world” in the previous verse. The better part of a century had passed since Jesus came, when John wrote these words; and yet, in these words, the apostle seems still to be struck with the marvel that the Lord’s own people, the chosen people, who should have been the first to know and hail His coming, that even those people did not welcome Him. They did not believe in Him, nor obey His voice; they rebelled against Him, and tempted Him often, particularly at Massah and Meribah; they provoked trim to anger, and vexed, and grieved His Holy Spirit, as they afterwards slighted and despised His Gospel by the prophets. Of this non-reception of the word by the Jews, and their punishment for it, Hosea 9:17 thus speaks: “my God will remove them far away, because, “they receive not his word”; and they shall wander among the people.

It is here we find that the words of the apostle in this passage reveal a profound and pathetic grief on his own part that Israel, in its major aspect, had rejected the Lord – but not all of them. These words strongly remind one of Paul’s words (Romans 9:1-5). John, having registered the fact of the unbelief of the chosen people (in major part, that is), next turned to a consideration of those who had received him. The narrative now passes from the general to the special action of the Word as the Light. The verb came, in the aorist tense, denotes a definite act – the Incarnation. In John 1:10 the Word is described as in the world invisibly. They did not acknowledge him to be the Messiah. They rejected him and put him to death, agreeably to the prophecy, Isaiah 53:3-4. From this we learn, that it is reasonable to expect that those who have been especially favored should welcome the message of God. God had a right to expect, after all that had been done for the Jews, that they would receive the message of eternal life. So, He has a right to expect that we should embrace him and be saved. Yet, it is not the abundance of mercies that incline men to seek God. The Jews had been signally favored, but they rejected Him. So, many in Christian lands live and die rejecting the Lord Jesus.

Here is displayed the absolutely desperate wickedness and malice of men; here is displayed their execrable impiety, that when the Son of God was manifested in flesh to the Jews, whom God had separated to himself from the other nations to be His own heritage, he was not acknowledged or received. People are alike in every age. All would reject the Savior if left to themselves. All people are by nature wicked. There is no more certain and universal proof of this than the universal rejection of the Lord Jesus.

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