Having A Reformed Heart

Having A Reformed Heart

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Psalm 51: 10 (KJV)

10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

It is said, ‘The heart is the fountain, where-from springeth all evil, the root from which all sin growth.”

The word rendered “create,” ברא berâ’ – is a word which is properly employed to denote an act of “creation;” that is, of causing something to exist where there was nothing before. It is the word which is used in Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God “created” the heaven and the earth,” and which is commonly used to express the act of creation. It is used “here” evidently in the sense of causing that to exist which did not exist before; and there is clearly a recognition of the divine “power,” or a feeling on the part of David that this could be done by God alone. The idea is, however, not that a new “substance” might be brought into being to which the name “a clean heart” might be given, but that he might “have” a clean heart; that his heart might be made pure; that his affections and feelings might be made right; that he might have what he was conscious that he did “not” now possess – a clean or a pure heart. This, he felt, could be produced only by the power of God; and the passage, therefore, proves that it is a doctrine of the Old Testament, as it is of the New, that the human heart is changed only by a divine agency.

The desires for holiness should become prayers. David does not merely long for certain spiritual excellencies; he goes to God for them. There are many that are wasting their lives in paroxysms of fierce struggle with the evil that they have partially discovered in themselves, alternating with long languor fits of collapse and apathy, and who make no solid advance, just because they will not lay to heart these two convictions–their sin has to do with God, and their sins come from a sinful nature. Because of the one fact, they  must go to God for pardon; because of the other, they must go to God for cleansing. There, in their heart, like some black well-head in a dismal bog, is the source of all the swampy corruption that fills their life.

This is the main thing desirable, even purity and cleanness of heart, that God would bestow this blessing upon us. This is that which the Scriptures does abundantly commend unto us in sundry places (Psalms 73:1; Psalms 24:3-4; Matthew 5:8). This cleanness and purity of heart is commended as the principal thing to be pursued by us, upon a double account

We cannot stanch it, drain it, sweeten it. Ask Him, who is above your nature and without it, to change it by His own new life infused into your spirit. He will heal the bitter waters. He alone can.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C