Harden not your Heart

Harden not your Heart

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Proverbs 29: 1 (KJV)
1 He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

It has been observed that the obstinacy of many wicked people in a wicked way is to be greatly lamented. They are often reproved by parents and friends, by magistrates and ministers, by the providence of God and by their own consciences, have had their sins set in order before them and fair warning given them of the consequences of them, but all in vain; they harden their necks.
Here we find, “He that being often reproved — Who having received frequent reproofs from wise and good men, and perhaps also chastisements from God; hardeneth his neck — Sets themselves against taking the reproof, as a stubborn ox against taking the yoke. Indifferent to it. Laughs at it. Becomes worse. Obstinate in doing evil and in resisting good. “Mind your own business.” “I am my own master.” They throws off all restraint; becomes skeptical, perhaps atheistic; scorns at religion and religious people; Remains incorrigible, and obstinately persists in those sins for which he is reproved and corrected; shall suddenly be destroyed — Is in danger of falling, and that on a sudden, into utter and irreparable ruin.
This proverb may be accommodated to all the affairs of life. In whatever course a individual blunders on, headstrong and regardless of advice and admonition, it will ruin him at last, as far as the matter is capable of working his ruin. But here principal reference is to religion. Often reproved–this is undoubtedly our character. Reproved by men from all quarters. The Word of God has reproved us. God has reproved us by His providence in private and public calamities. God has reproved us more immediately by His Spirit. We have also been our own monitors. Conscience has often pronounced our doom. Even the irrational creatures and infernal spirits may have been our monitors. Solomon assumes that a man may be often reproved, and yet harden his neck; that is, obstinately refuse submission and reformation. Nothing but a sullen and senseless beast can represent the stupid, unreasonable conduct of that man who hardens himself in sin, against the strongest dissuasion and reproofs from God and His creatures
Truly this disposition is of the Lord: “it is He that has given us either to will or do.” Let us be thankful and bless Him, then, that the destruction which has come suddenly and irremediably on so many millions of mankind, was not permitted to come on us in our un-awaken state. Therefore, because of His goodness and kindness to us, let our hearts be right with Him. Let us allow every word of His sink deep down into our ears, penetrates our hearts and be obeyed without reservation. Let us seek to totally conform to His mind and will. And as the apostle noted, “Forget all that is behind, and reach forward constantly to that which is before.” And seek to “grow up in all things into Christ, our living Head.”

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