Guard your Heart Against Unbelief

Guard your Heart Against Unbelief

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Hebrews 3: 12 (KJV)

12 Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.


It is said, the corruption of human nature is the primary cause of all the particular evils that prevail in the heart or life. To this polluted fountain all the streams of iniquity must be traced. It is the ocean of depravity in the heart that, by its swelling tides, fills so many distinct channels.


This exhortation implies that we are in great danger of being negligent. The power of sin in our hearts, the temptations of Satan, and the influence of the world, are all evidences of the danger we are in of rejecting Christ.


These words denote the necessity of knowing our natural state as under the dominion of sin. It is not said, “Take heed lest there enter into your hearts any motion of unbelief,” as if it were a thing that had no root within us, a habit to be contracted by imitation, or by a course of iniquity. But, take heed lest there be in any of you a heart of unbelief; as plainly declaring that this is natural to every man, and that it is so as denominating his whole heart.


An evil, unbelieving heart. The word “unbelief” is used to qualify the word “heart,” by a Hebraism, a mode of speech that is common in the New Testament. An unbelieving heart was the cause of “their” apostasy, and what worked their ruin will produce ours. The root of their evil was “a want of confidence in God” and this is what is meant here by a heart of unbelief. The great difficulty on earth everywhere is a “want of confidence in God” and this has produced all the ills that man has ever suffered. It led to the first apostasy; and it has led to every other apostasy and will continue to produce the same effects to the end of the world. The apostle says that this heart of unbelief is “evil.” Men often feel that it is a matter of little consequence whether they have faith or not, provided their conduct is right; and hence, they do not see or admit the propriety of what is said about the consequences of unbelief in the Scriptures.


It is important for us to understand and know that all men (every person) are naturally disposed to reject the testimony of God because they ate born in sin. Therefore, all without distinction are called children of disobedience, or of unbelief.


We need to take warning by those disobedient Israelites; they were brought out of the house of bondage, and had the fullest promise of a land of prosperity and rest. By their disobedience they came short of it, and fell in the wilderness. We have been brought from the bondage of sin, and have a most gracious promise of an everlasting inheritance among the saints in light; through unbelief and disobedience they lost their rest, through the same we may lose ours. An evil heart of unbelief will head away from the living God. What was possible in their case, is possible in ours.



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