Growing and Maturing in Christ–Patience

Growing and Maturing in Christ–Patience

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James 1: 4(KJV)
4But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

Not everyone who grows old, grow up. There is a vast difference between age and maturity. An individual who have been saved for 15 or 30 year does not guarantee the individual is mature in the Lord!

It has been noted that spiritual maturity is one of the greatest needs in churches today. The writer continues to say that far too many churches are playpens for babies rather that workshop for adults.

The expression ‘Let patience have her perfect work’ is important. The idea is, Continue faithful, and your patience will be crowned with its full reward. The thought from the Greek word work is any effect produced by a cause, as interest from money, fruit from tillage, gain from labor, a reward for services performed; the perfect work is the full reward. Let it be fairly developed; let it produce its appropriate effects without being hindered. Let it not be obstructed in its fair influence on the soul by murmurings, complaining, or rebellion. Patience under trials is fitted to produce important effects on the soul, and we are not to hinder them in any manner by a perverse spirit, or by opposition to the will of God. Everyone who is afflicted should desire that the fair effects of affliction should be produced on his mind, or that there should be produced in his soul precisely the results which his trials are adapted to accomplish.

If we consider the condition of those Jews to whom the apostle directs this Epistle, we shall find that as they were a dispersed, so they were as afflicted and persecuted people. To these dispersed and distressed Christians, the apostle directs this his Epistle, and exhorts them, “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations” (James 1:2)–that is, when ye fall into divers tribulations; for by temptations here he means not the inward assaults of the devil, but the outward assaults of his instruments. Patience is not a stoical apathy, or a senseless stupidity, under the hand of God. It is no narcotic virtue, to stupefy us and take away the sense and feeling of afflictions. If it had any such opiate quality in it, it were not commendable; for that is no suffering which is not felt. And those who are stupefied under the hand of God, and who take no notice of His judgments, are no more to be accounted patient than a block is when it is hewn and cut. Sorry to disappoint, patience is so far from taking away the sense of sufferings, that it rather quickens it. There is no man that more feels an affliction than a Christian doth; for he refers his chastisements to his deserts.

It was concluded then that ‘Patience’ hath, then, its perfect work when it is proportionable to the sufferings and affliction, under which we lie, and that both in duration and fortitude. And therefore, our patience may be perfect, it must be proportionable also to the need of the sufferer. For then hath patience its perfect work, when a man bears whatsoever is necessary for him. Now, both the cure and thy patience are then perfect when, of a proud and high-minded person, He hath brought thee to an humble and meek spirit; when, of a worldly and self-seeking person, He hath made thee a public-spirited and self-denying Christian; when, of a drowsy and secure, He hath made thee a vigilant, zealous, and active Christian.

Friends, I do know and believe God is looking for mature men and women to carry on His work and sometimes all He can find are little children who cannot even get along with each other. As was pointed out, mature Christians are happy, useful individuals who encourage in the building of the local church.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C