God’s Loving Kindness

God’s Loving Kindness

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Psalm 63: 3 (KJV)

3 Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.


It is said, Men praise, or speak well, of power, glory, honor, riches, worldly prospects and pleasures; but the truly religious speak well of God, in whom they find infinitely more satisfaction and happiness than worldly men can find in the possession of all earthly good.


This psalm is called “A psalm of David when he was in the wilderness of Judah.” What prayers have been prayed by men in the wilderness, by men in the darkness and mystery of life, by men in their perplexity seeking for guidance, by men whose “souls were discouraged because of the way.” What prayers from men in dungeons, from men in darkened homes, from men who said “that all God’s waves and billows had gone over them.” It has also been observed we often pray better in darkness than in light, in adversity than in prosperity; we pray then with our whole heart and we mean what we say. If you had written your prayers, and had affixed the titles, you would find the heading of one, “A prayer after I had fallen into some great sin.” It would contain the wail and lament of the heart, it would breathe the truest contrition and reveal the sorrow of a broken heart. It would be your penitential psalm. You would find another headed, “A prayer after backsliding.” In it you would see the shame and humiliation which marked your return to God, and the fresh and earnest consecration of yourself to His service.


Thy favor; thy mercy. This is of more value than life; more to be desired than life. Life is the most valued and valuable thing pertaining to this world which we can possess. See the notes at Job 2:4. But, above this, David valued the favor and friendship of God. If one or the other was to be sacrificed, he preferred that it should be his life; he would be willing to exchange that for the favor of God. Life was not desirable, life furnished no comforts – no joys – without the divine favor.


“Thy loving-kindness is better than life.” Why is loving-kindness better than life? Because it meets all the needs of life. Man has a physical nature, and its needs are met in the outward world, or it could not live. Light is for the eye–music for the ear–a thousand influences minister to the senses. Man has a higher nature; he has mind, he has capacity for thought; he has an emotional nature, a heart with boundless wealth. What is mind without culture, education, converse, literature? What is the heart without friends, relatives, love? Without loving-kindness, how little is known of life! God can come to man; lie can dwell in man; He can reveal His love to man. The mind has life only in receiving truth. The heart has life only in love. You have life only in God. There is a sense in which the loving-kindness of God is so much better than life that it even reconciles us to the loss of life. We are delivered from the fear of death. “To die is gain.” So, shall we, divesting ourselves of the mortal, become immortal. Indeed, God’s loving kindness is by far better than life and there is no comparison!


Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C