God Sees and Knows all our Struggles

God Sees and Knows all our Struggles

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Proverbs 15: 3 (KJV)

3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good


If we look into the Old Testament, we shall find, that the testimony of all the prophets is in perfect correspondence with those words of David, “The Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts [1 Chronicles 28:9.].” Sometimes they assert this matter as a thing they know, and are assured of; “I know,” says Job, “that no thought can be withholden from thee [Job 42:2.].” Sometimes, with yet greater energy, they make it a subject of appeal to the whole universe, defying any one to gainsay, or even to doubt, it; “Doth he not see my ways, and count all my steps [Job 31:4.]!” Sometimes they labor to convey this truth under the most impressive images: “His eyes behold, his eye-lids try, the children of men


This is a reminder that God not only sees all things by His omnipresence, but His providence is everywhere. And if the consideration that His eye is in every place, have a tendency to appall those whose hearts are not right before Him, and who seek for privacy, that they may commit iniquity; yet the other consideration, that his providence is everywhere, has a great tendency to encourage the upright, and all who may be in perilous or distressing circumstances. The great truths of divinity are of great use to enforce the precepts of morality, and none more than this – That the eye of God is always upon the children of men. 1. An eye to discern all, not only from which nothing can be concealed, but by which everything is actually inspected, and nothing overlooked or looked slightly upon: The eyes of the Lord are in every place; for he not only sees all from on high (Psalm 33:13), but He is everywhere present. Angels are full of eyes (Revelation 4:8), but God is all eye. It denotes not only his omniscience, that he sees all, but his universal providence, that he upholds and governs all. Secret sins, services, and sorrows, are under his eye. 2. An eye to distinguish both persons and actions. He beholds the evil and the good, is displeased with the evil and approves of the good, and will judge men according to the sight of his eyes, Psalm 1:6; 11:4. The wicked shall not go unpunished, nor the righteous unrewarded, for God has his eye upon both and knows their true character; this speaks as much comfort to saints as terror to sinners.


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