God our Source of strength

God our Source of strength

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2 Corinthians 1: 9 (KJV)
9But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God which raiseth the dead.

Life is full of twists and turns and sometimes we fall upon hard times. No matter what the circumstance we can rest in the fact that God is always faithful. He will hold us in the hollow of His hand and when we ask, He will help us through the hard times.

This is an exceedingly beautiful and important sentiment. It teaches that in the time to which Paul refers, he was in so great danger, and had so certain a prospect of death, that he could put no reliance on himself. He felt that he must die; and that human aid was vain. According to every probability he would die; and all that he could do was to cast himself on the protection of that God who had power to save him even then, if he chose, and who, if he did it, would exert power similar to that which is put forth when the dead are raised. The effect, therefore, of the near prospect of death was to lead him to put increased confidence in God. He felt that God only could save him; or that God only could sustain him if he should die. Perhaps also he means to say that the effect of this was to lead him to put increased confidence in God after his deliverance; not to trust in his own plans, or to confide in his own strength; but to feel that all that he had was entirely in the hands of God.
Paul treasured the awful experience through which he had passed for the great lesson which it reinforced; namely, that one’s trust should never be in himself but in the Lord, even God who raises the dead. By this reference to raising the dead, there is brought into view the passage in Heb.11:19, in which Abraham’s offering of Isaac was enabled through his confidence that God was able to raise the dead. Where else in all the Bible is Abraham’s reliance upon God’s ability to raise the dead even hinted at? And how did Paul know it? He himself had trusted God in the same manner when death loomed as a certainty, and at a time when many of God’s promises to the blessed apostle were as yet unfilled.
Many before us have been tried with many difficult situations, but trust God to be faithful to deliver them. And while we do not know our courses, nor what work God hath in his eternal counsels laid out for us, and therefore cannot be confident of deliverance in this life by the Almighty power of God; but yet we, under our greatest trials, may trust in God, who will certainly raise us from the dead; of which faith we have an instance in Job, Job 19:25-27. Moreover, for our comfort in our distresses we may observe that God, in His great deliverance of His people, use to suffer them first to be brought to the greatest extremities; that in the mount of the Lord it may be seen, and that they may learn to know that their salvation are from Him; more from His Almighty power, than from the virtue of any means they can use. Let us therefore learn, that the almighty power of God sometimes works beyond all creature expectations, beyond all human probabilities, beyond all rational conjectures, to help and deliver his people in hopeless and helpless trouble. This is a common, and a happy effect of the near prospect of death to a Christian; and it is well to contemplate the effect on such a mind as that of Paul in the near prospect of dying, and to see how instinctively then it clings to God. As believers in Jesus Christ in such or any circumstances let us always rush to His arms where we know and have the assurance that we will always be safe.

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