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Jeremiah 32: 27 (KJV)
27 Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?

“Storms can bring fear, cloud judgment, and create confusion. Yet God promises that as you seek Him through prayer, He will give you wisdom to know how to proceed. The only way you will survive the storm will be on your knees.” Paul Chappell.

The Lord begins this revelation, for the prophet’s satisfaction, with the preface expressive of His power and universal dominion, from which Jeremiah might understand that He could do whatsoever He pleased, and man, that was but flesh, Genesis 6:3, could not hinder his effecting what he designed to do. God is also the God of the spirits of all flesh, Numbers 16:22; but he expressed man here only under the notion of flesh, as Genesis 6:3, to denote his vileness and inconsiderateness as to any grappling with God, and encountering his purposes.

Here we find that Jehovah, the self-existent Being, that gives life and meaning to all creatures; and is particularly the God of all men, the Maker and Preserver of them, He is the one that provides for them. The expression “flesh”, is used here to denote man’s weakness and corruption, how unworthy of the divine favor, and how unable to resist His will, or hinder the execution of His purposes: and which is introduced with a “behold”, to excite attention, to take notice of what was said; to encourage faith, and remove doubts and difficulties. Therefore, if God is Jehovah, the Being of beings; if He is the God and Governor of the world, and all men in it, what is it He cannot do?

“Is there anything too hard for me?” this is question or assertion of fact on the power of God. Here is also suggesting, that though the city of Jerusalem should be destroyed, and the inhabitants carried captive, yet He could return them again to their own land; where they should purchase fields and vineyards, and possess them as heretofore. In essence God says to him “is there anything hidden from me?” or can anything unforeseen arise to hinder the fulfilment of My promises and prophecies? This is an emphatic NO, nothing can; since all things are in one view before the Lord continually. Man is limited, has short ranged vision and has many more inadequacies, but it is not so with God.

God is simply saying that nothing is beyond His power and that nothing is too difficult for Him to do. May that truth encourage us today that God is still the God Who possesses “all power in Heaven and in earth,” Matt. 28:18. He is still the God “who is able to exceeding, abundantly above all that we can ask or think,” Eph. 3:20. He is still the God Who “works all things after the counsel of His Own will,” Eph. 1:11. He still wants us to “cast all our cares on Him for He cares for us,” 1 Pt.5: 7. He is still God and that should comfort our hearts today.

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