God of Comforts

God of Comforts

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2 Cor.1: 4 (KJV)

4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.


It is said, “There is no tribulation either for the kind or degree of it, but God can and doth comfort His people therein, and God’s comforts do far exceed all philosophical remedies, as much as the sun doth a glow-worm.”


The apostle in this verse gives a reason of the former thanksgiving, and at the same time confirms the above character of God, as “the God of all comfort”, by his own experience, and that of his fellow ministers; who, though they had been in great tribulation and affliction for the sake of Christ, and his Gospel, yet were not left destitute of divine help and support under their trials; but had much consolation and sweet refreshment administered to them by the presence of God with them, the application of his promises to them, the shedding abroad of his love in them, and the fellowship and communion they enjoyed with Father, Son, and Spirit.


If there is one point of character more than another which belonged to Paul it was his power of sympathy. He went through trials of every kind, and this was their issue. He knew how to persuade, for he knew where lay the perplexity; he knew how to console, for he knew the sorrow. His spirit was as some delicate instrument which, as the weather changed about him, accurately marked all its variations, and guided him what to do. “To the Jews he became as a Jew,” (2 Corinthians 11:23-30). The same law was fulfilled not only in the case of Christ’s servants, but even He Himself condescended to learn to strengthen man, by the experiencing of man’s infirmities (Hebrews 2:17-18; Hebrews 4:14-15).


Here is introduced the word which flies like a banner over the entire epistle. The word with its synonym “suffering” occurs eight times in this paragraph. Here he points to the one Who shows Himself to be the God of tender mercy, by condescending to notice us, who have never deserved any good at His hand; and also the God of all consolation, by comforting us in all our tribulation – never leaving us a prey to anxiety, carking care, persecution, or temptation; but, by the comforts of His Spirit, bearing us up in, through, and above, all our trials and difficulties. Paul here doubtless refers primarily to himself and his fellow apostles as having been filled with comfort in their trials; to the support which the promises of God gave; to the influences of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter; and to the hopes of eternal life through the gospel of the Redeemed.


Therefore, we need to realize and remember that even spiritual comforts are not given us for our use alone; they, like all the gifts of God, are given that they may be distributed, or become the instruments of help to others. If his soul had not gone through all the travail of regeneration, if his heart had not felt the love of God shed abroad in it by the Holy Ghost, he can neither instruct the ignorant nor comfort the distressed.


As, Paul lived not for himself but for the Church, so he reckoned, that whatever favors God conferred upon him, were not given for his own sake merely, but in order that he might have more in his power for helping others. And, unquestionably, when the Lord confers upon us any favor, he in a manner invites us by his example to be generous to our neighbors. The riches of the Spirit, therefore, are not to be kept by us to ourselves, but everyone must communicate to others what he has received. Let us remember and not forget that our God is a God of comfort Who is always there, ready to comfort all those that needs comforting!


Have a Great and God filled day


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