God MUST get the Glory

God MUST get the Glory

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John 11: 10 (KJV)
10But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.

“God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him.”
Observation has shown that while there is a day, there is a night also, wherein if men walk, they will be very prone to stumble, because they are in darkness, and have no light to guide their feet. So, there is a set time for all the issues of men; a time for their peace and liberty, and a time for their troubles and sufferings. God rules and governs the world. While men are in their callings and places, faithfully discharging their trust, and finishing the work which God hath given them to do, and their time is not come for their glorifying of God by suffering, they shall not stumble, nor be given up to the rage of their eagerest enemies. They are in their callings and places, and God will be light unto them: but when their working time is over, and the time of their night is come, then they will stumble; because then God withdrew his light from them; they are not then under such a special protection of God, who hath done his work by and with them.
This is as much as He had said before, John 8:20, No man laid hands on him, for his hour was not yet come; the twelve hours of his day were not all spent. This duty digested, is of infinite use to quiet the spirits of God’s people in the worst of times; every man hath his twelve hours, his day and set time, to honor God upon the stage of the world: he shall not stumble, he shall not miscarry, while those hours are spent; he shall not die, he shall not be disabled for duty, so long as God hath aught for him to do. But every man hath his night too, when he must not expect to converse in the world without stumbling.
This parabolic expression resembles that at John 9:4. In this passage, day represents the allotted season of life which was to be terminated by what Jesus called “his hour” (John 2:4; 7:30; 8:20; 13:1). Until this “hour” came, Jesus felt no fear. He did not thrust himself into danger, thus tempting God; but he feared not to go whither his duty and the spirit led him. As yet it was still day, but the evening shadows were falling, and the powers of darkness were soon to prevail (Luke 22:53), and then the further prosecution of the work would lead to death, for death was part of the work, and had its allotted time and place.
The raising of Lazarus is the last of Jesus’ miracles. It’s also the clearest sign of who he is—the Son of God, the Promised Messiah, the Savior of the world.
It sets the stage for Jesus’ own death and resurrection. According to John, those who witnessed the miracle went back and told the temple leaders what happened. Let us purpose in our hearts to live each day in the spirit. Surrender each day to the lordship of Jesus Christ. In time, you’ll experience a dimension of life you could’ve never, ever imagined.

It has been noted that the principle then boils down to this: “There is no peril in the performance of God given duty, only in its neglect.”

Friends when we commit ourselves to doing God’s will, we have, so to speak, a charmed life so long as we are fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. When we are in real danger is when we depart from divine duty to pursue our own selfish desires. Men have suffered and died in the service of the King (as did our Lord Himself), but such was the purpose and plan of God for them when they did. No matter how great the danger may appear, it is a mere illusion when we are on a divinely appointed task. So long as God has work for us to do and we are busily engaged in that work, we are indestructible.

Have a Great and God filled Day

Pastor C