God Knows our Thoughts

God Knows our Thoughts

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Psalm 94: 11 (KJV)

11The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity.


Here the Psalmist insists upon the folly of men in seeking to wrap themselves up in darkness, and hide themselves from the view of God. To prevent them from flattering themselves with vain pretexts, he reminds them that the mists of delusion will be scattered at once when they come to stand in God’s presence. Nothing can avail them, so long as God from heaven stamps vanity upon their deepest counsels. The Psalmist’s design in citing them before the Judge of all, is to make them thoroughly search and try their own hearts; for the great cause of their self-security lay in failing to realize God, burying all distinction between right and wrong, and, so far as that was possible, hardening themselves against all feeling. They might contrive to soothe their minds by means like these, but he tells them that God ridiculed all such trifling. The truth may be a plain one, and well known; but the Psalmist states a fact which so many have overlooked, and which we would do well to remember. That the wicked, when they attempt to hide themselves under subtle refuges, cannot deceive God, and necessarily deceive themselves.


Therefore, we see in this text that either that their thoughts are vanity; the object of them is vanity, the riches and honors of this world, which are all vanity and vexation of spirit; and sinful lusts and pleasures, which are vain and useless, yea, pernicious and hurtful: and so they are in their issue and event; they come to nothing, they are without effect; the Lord disappoints men’s devices, and frustrates their designs; they think of this and the other, form schemes, but cannot execute them: or else the sense is, that they themselves are vanity, as man in his best estate is; even every man, whether of high or low degree.


Yes, beware and be careful because God knows all things, yes, even the most secret things, as the thoughts of men; and in particular our aesthetically thoughts, and much more doth he know our wicked practices, which we say He did not see, Psalms 94:6, 7. Moreover, He knows that they are generally vain and foolish, and that whilst we mock God and applaud ourselves in such thoughts, we do not relieve, but only delude ourselves with them.


God in the text brings a severe charge against our thoughts. He not only hears our words, and sees our actions; but he knows our thoughts, the secret thoughts of our hearts, and though He is afar off from them, and, they from him; he is the searcher of the hearts and trier of the reins of the children of men; Psalm 139:2, and so is Christ, who is the omniscient God, and is the Jehovah all along spoken to and of in this psalm; He knows the thoughts of men, and is a critical discerner of them, Matthew 9:3.Consider that thought and remember  God knows our thoughts, He knows even smallest, darkest of them!



Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C