God Always Deliver

God Always Deliver

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Exodus 14: 14 (KJV)

14 The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.


Did you ever reflect on the thought that you are responsible for what you remember, and for how you remember it, and that you are bound to train and educate your memory, not merely in the sense of cultivating it as a means of carrying intellectual treasures, but for religious purposes as well?


It is noted that never, perhaps, was the fortitude of a man so severely tried as that of the Hebrew leader in this crisis, exposed as he was to various and inevitable dangers, the most formidable of which was the vengeance of a seditious and desperate multitude; but his meek, unruffled, magnanimous composure presents one of the sublimest examples of moral courage to be found in history. And whence did his courage arise? He saw the miraculous cloud still accompanying them, and his confidence arose solely from the hope of a divine interposition, although, perhaps, he might have looked for the expected deliverance in every quarter, rather than in the direction of the sea. By commanding the wind of the heavens, and the waves of the sea, and employing them against their enemies, and on their behalf; they being unarmed, and so not in a condition to fight for themselves, as well as they had no heart or spirit for it: You shall have no part in the honor of the day; you shall contribute nothing to the victory, neither by your words nor by your deeds; for this Hebrew word signifies a cessation not only from speech, but from action too, as 2 Samuel 19:11 Psalms 83:1 Isaiah 42:1415. God alone shall bring you off, and defeat your foes.


Here he told them be still, and quiet, and easy in your minds, and forbear saying or doing anything; “be silent”; and neither express the fear and distress of their minds, by any mournful sounds, nor their joy of faith by shouts and huzzas. And even as they could not draw a sword, they were not so much as to blow a trumpet, and break a pitcher, and cry the sword of the Lord, and of Israel as they after did on another occasion, at least their posterity. He wanted them to see and know that their unbelieving fears and clamors shall be confounded, and they shall see that by might none shall be able to prevail against the Lord, and that the feeblest shall take the prey when the power of Jehovah is exerted!


We should take note because we can see His presence more clearly when we look back over a long-connected stretch of days, and when the excitement of feeling the agony or rapture have passed, than we could whilst they were hot, and life was all hurry and bustle. The meanness are hidden, the narrow places are invisible, all the pain and suffering is quieted, and we are able to behold more truly than when we were in the midst of them, the bearing, the purpose, and the blessedness alike of our sorrows and of our joys.


The one thing that all parts of our nature need is God, and that is as true about our power of remembrance as it is about any other part of our being. As it is rendered, Adonai will do battle for you. Just calm yourselves down! The one thing which will consecrate our memory, deliver it from its errors and abuses, raise it to its highest and noblest power, is that it should be in touch with God, and that the past should be regarded by each of us as it is, in deed and in truth, one long record of what God has done for us. We must remember our God always deliver, however, it may or may not be in the way we thought or wished but be advised, He always deliver!


Have a great and Christ centered day!


Pastor C