God ALONE is Just and Righteous

God ALONE is Just and Righteous

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Romans 9: 14(KJV)

14 What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid.



To what conclusion shall we come on the facts before us? Shall we suggest that God’s bestowing peculiar privileges in this unequal manner, on those who otherwise are in equal circumstances, is inconsistent with justice and equity? By no means. Whatever God does is right, and he may dispense his blessings to whom and or what terms he pleases. Paul’s great theme of God’s righteousness was never far from his thoughts; and his letter, in its entirety, has that theme constantly in focus.


Does God do injustice or wrong? This charge has often been brought against the doctrine here advanced. But this charge the apostle strongly repels. He meets it by further showing that it is the doctrine explicitly taught in the Old Testament (Romans 9:15, 17), and that it is founded on the principles of equity, and on just views of the sovereignty of God; Romans 9:19-23.


God is not unrighteous in His nature; nor in any of His ways and works; nor in this, in choosing some and rejecting others. There is no unrighteousness with God in that part of predestination, commonly called election; for this is neither an act of justice, nor injustice; not of justice, but of grace and mercy; of undue and undeserved grace and mercy, of mere sovereign grace and mercy; and is what God was not obliged to do; wherefore to choose some and not others, is no act of injustice; for injustice is a violation of justice, which has no place in this affair: if it is an act of injustice, it must be either to them that are chosen, or to them that are not; not to them that are chosen, to them it is an act of favor and good will, they are chosen to grace and glory, to holiness here, and happiness hereafter; not to them that are passed by, because they had no right nor claim to the grace and glory, which by this act are denied them, and therefore no injustice is done them.


Let us learn that God is just, infallibly and inflexibly just and righteous, in all His dealings with, and dispensations towards the children of men. Also, that God is absolutely and ultimately resolved to follow the counsel of His own will, in and about the justification of sinners; and whatsoever He doth, or resolves to do, His will being the rule of righteousness, is for that reason exactly just and undeniably righteous. Let us be reminded that we cannot do evil or injustice hoping good will come from it.


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