Glorify God Always

Glorify God Always

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1 Corinthians 6: 20—KJV
20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

It is said, “A contentious spirit, a fondness for the agitation, the excitement, and the strife of courts, is inconsistent with the spirit of the gospel. Religion is supposed to be retiring, peaceful, and calm. It seeks the peace of all, and it never rejoices in contentions..”

It has been noted that from this conclusion, it appears that the Corinthians took a liberty to themselves in outward things, that it was necessary to restrain and bridle. The reproof therefore is this he allows that the body is subject to God no less than the soul, and that accordingly it is reasonable that both be devoted to his glory. “As it is befitting that the mind of a believer should be pure, so there must be a corresponding outward profession also before men, inasmuch as the power of both is in the hands of God, who has redeemed both.” With the same view he declared a little ago, that not only our souls but our bodies also are temples of the Holy Spirit, that we may not think that we discharge our duty to him aright, if we do not devote ourselves wholly and entirely to his service, that he may by his word regulate even the outward actions of our life.

As was pointed out, “Christians should do nothing that will tend to injure the cause of religion in the eye of the world, 1 Corinthians 6:7-8. How much better is it that I should lose a few pounds, than that my Savior should lose his honor! How much better that my purse should be empty of glittering dust, even by the injustice of others, than that a single gem should be taken from his diadem! And how much better even that I should lose all, than that “my” hand should be reached out to pluck away one jewel, by my misconduct, from his crown! Can silver, can gold, can diamonds be compared in value to the honor of Christ and of his cause?”

Friends, this is something every Christian ought to remember every day of his life. You have no final right to yourself. God has ordained that we should have decisions that we have to make, and only we can make them. He does not take away our right of choice. He does not turn us unto robots and automatons, but, he says, finally we will have to account for the decisions we make. God always reserves the right, because he has bought us, he owns us, we are his by right of creation and of purchase, to send us where he wants us to go. He reserves the right to take away from our life whatever he sees is harmful or injurious to us, whether we like it or not, to give us both blessing and trouble alike as he sees that we need each, and to guide us as a loving Father to the place where we recognize that he owns us, we belong to him. God is glorified when any individual Christian begins to live on that basis: “Lord, you are the Lord of my life.” Therefore, Paul says in the later part of v20b: glory God in your body.

As Christians, we should look upon our body, and treat our body, as something given us to use and enjoy for God. A part of our likeness to Christ; a part of our present being which we are to meet again in another world; and therefore given us, here, to train and educate for the work and the services which that body is to render in heaven. For that is the body—a thing capable of being turned into the highest or the lowest uses; a marvelous structure to be dedicated; the temple walls of the inner sanctuary of the soul. Such being, then, the body, we should pray every morning of our lives about our bodies as much as about our souls. We should consecrate it in the morning to God, and we should deal with it all day long religiously, and watch and keep it diligently, and every part of it, as a very sacred thing.’

Have a great and godly day!

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